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Infinipharm enables pharmacies to operate either as a full telepharmacy, hybrid, or just help to improve productivity and efficiency in your pharmacy, regardless of pharmacist presence. By improving efficiency, employees and management will be in a better position to better serve patients, contributing to an improved experience for employees and patients alike.

Infinipharm strives, along with its customers and partners, to be the best telepharmacy and digital fill management system. We believe in continuously seeking to do what is right for both our customers and employees. By doing so, we will be a financially and morally successful company.

The Infinipharm web application has been around for several years and has helped pharmacies process 100,000+ prescriptions.

Come join us as PioneerRx customers to improve your experience by using the time-saving and remote processing features of Infinipharm.

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Telepharmacy Software

Digital Verification

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Infinipharm can help turn your pharmacy into a lean, mean, prescription processing machine.

Manual vs Virtual Verification

Virtual prescription verification can help transform your pharmacy, even if it is a pharmacy with an on-site pharmacist. Manual prescription verification slows down the verification process and creates more busy work.

Although different workflows may vary, on average, the typcial pharmacist can save between 30%-50% of the time they spend verifying prescriptions manually by virtually checking them. Not to mention mistakes tend to decrease.


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Whether starting a new telepharmacy or switching from another software, Infinipharm will save you time and money.

Already with another telepharmacy company? You will pay less with Infinipharm.

Looking to start a telepharmacy? Look no further. We cost less than the competition both in setup fees and monthly charges.

How are we cheaper than the competition? It could be the elves we employ, which are incredibly cheap labor. Or it could be the fact we implement many of the same principles to our company as the strengths our software offers to our customers: streamline processes, efficiently utilize labor, and utilize new technologies.

Video Consultations

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Simple and secure remote video consultations. Connect with patients remotely via a secure video call. Video calls are more personal than phone calls since the patient can see the pharmacist and more likely feel a more personal connection.

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