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GeriMed Servicing Long Term Care Pharmacies

GeriMed specializes in providing long term care pharmacies with the tools and services needed to survive in today’s environment. To participate in our long term care group purchasing program for brand contracts, long term care pharmacies must be “closed door” servicing skilled nursing facilities, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, personal care homes, home infusion, group homes, chronic psychiatric facilities, intermediate care facilities (ICF-IID), ‘Medical at Home’, correctional facilities, hospice, and other long-term care settings.

Our commitment

At GeriMed, we pride ourselves on high ethical standards, pristine client care and devoted pharmaceutical services. Our dedication allows us to establish innovative pharmacy tools and services to benefit both long term care pharmacy members and manufacturing partners. GeriMed abides by a distinct set of values and goals in order to maintain this innovative approach to contracting.

Professionalism and Integrity

We focus on and are committed to supporting the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries by standing behind our membership criteria, communicating information, and participating in professional associations. We demonstrate a continued commitment to the most cost-effective treatments allowing for improved patient care. We maintain a knowledgeable and motivated customer support team by providing training, advanced technology and teaching programs for our members. We develop positive relationships between customers and industry partners through meetings and environments conducive to negotiations and education.

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Long Term Care Services
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GeriMed specializes in long term care pharmacy operations, reimbursement and consulting.

With more than 65 years of long term care experience and an extensive support staff focused on long term care pharmaceuticals, we are the industry leaders in providing contracts and services that work. If you’re starting a new pharmacy, GeriMed can assist you with making your initial purchases, obtaining reimbursement and accessing the proper channels to work with nursing homes and other facilities.

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