Between offering the best care to your patients and managing a successful business, many pharmacists and store owners may struggle with broadcasting their services beyond the counter.

In the midst of the Digital Age, an online presence is just as important as the one you cultivate within the pharmacy. However, this takes more effort than a Facebook page or website. Today’s marketers are constantly emphasizing the importance of Search Engine Optimization, or SEO.

What is SEO?

SEO measures your website’s search engine visibility and user-friendliness. Think of it as the bridge between web users and your website — the better your SEO, the higher chance your site will be featured in the top results of search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.

Although broadening web presence is a critical business strategy, pharmacists and pharmacy owners may not have the time to learn and develop a whole new aspect of business marketing.

RxLocal Pharmacy Finder

That’s why RxLocal™ created Pharmacy Finder, a tool designed exclusively for community pharmacies that highlights their strengths, then uses that information to create SEO-friendly materials patients can easily find during an internet search.

Pharmacy Finder is a platform for something different from the traditional, large chain experience,” explains Mark Bivins, Vice President of Business Development for RxLocal. “When someone is picking up medications, they’re usually tired or frustrated, then they have to go endure the big-box experience where they’re just a number, and it doesn’t feel personable.”

This service makes the patient’s search for the ideal pharmacy quick and simple.

Out of all the reasons we believe Pharmacy Finder is a game-changer for community pharmacies, we’ve narrowed it down to the top five:

1. Boosts SEO

As you complete your profile, each piece of information is a strategic addition to your web search visibility.

“I tell pharmacies to view each word as a keyword they are assigning to themselves,” Mark says. “For example, if you are a certified diabetes educator, you can add ‘diabetes education’ to your profile so that Pharmacy Finder can create a keyword for search engines to find.”

2. Helps Patients Find “The One”

We actively work to keep Pharmacy Finder visible in the top search results, which means you are also visible to patients looking for the right pharmacy for their needs. One search of “pharmacy near me,” and these patients are one step closer to finding you.

3. A Peek Over the Virtual Fence

Wondering what services local independent stores are providing patients?

You also have the ability to search your area and view other Pharmacy Finder profiles to learn what your fellow community pharmacists are offering.

This can keep your business competitive or present an opportunity to network with colleagues and learn more about cutting-edge services you would like to add to your pharmacy’s profile.

4. Gives Your Patients a Voice

Five stars are great, but actual feedback is even better. You love it, and so do search engines.

“Reviews, not just stars, are critical to your visibility,” Mark insists. “Search engines like reviews because it’s more content for them to consume. The more they have, the better.”

A profile with 4 stars but with 15 or more comprehensive reviews from patrons has a chance of more optimal SEO than a profile with 5 stars with one or two brief comments.

5. No Cost

That’s right. Setting up your profile on Pharmacy Finder won’t cost you anything, unless you count the 15 minutes (or less) needed during the enrollment process.

What do you have to lose?  

Pharmacy Finder is a win for everyone: potential patients find the local pharmacy services they need, and pharmacies have a simple method for advertising all the ways they care for patients beyond dispensing

After all, you’re aware of your pharmacy’s value within your community.

Pharmacy Finder ensures your community, in turn, knows you are a contender in excellent care.

How to Claim Your Pharmacy

  • Select the Pharmacies tab
  • Enter the address in the Claim Your Independent Pharmacy section
  • Select Find My Pharmacy

Reach out to for questions or more information about claiming your pharmacy’s profile on Pharmacy Finder.

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