As pharmacists, you know it’s important to remain current with industry trends, but it’s difficult to prioritize news over your hectic schedule. Read on for 20 pharmacy news sources – chosen by pharmacists just like you – that deliver all the information you need in quick-read formats.

Staying up to date with pharmacy trends is necessary for practicing at the top of your license and delivering the best care possible to your patients.

Whether it’s new electronics or nutritional supplements, you are a main provider of health information to your patients. But you have to first know what is new in order to tell your patients about it.    

Being in-the-know gives you a competitive advantage over other large pharmacies that can often be slow to change.

Technology for independent pharmacies often allows more agility. Explore all of the products that PioneerRx already seamlessly integrates with. Streamline your workflow and offer services that capture patients who otherwise would have chosen a competitor.

But where does this information live? Who reports on these trends?

Our PioneerRx Pharmacy Leaders weighed in to bring you their 20 favorite platforms and publications for staying up to date with the most relevant information for independent pharmacies

Most sources on this list have digital versions that can be delivered directly to your inbox. Subscribe, skim, and select your favorites!

  1. NCPA qAM
  2. Drug Topics
  3. APhA Pharmacy Today
  4. Drug Channels
  5. State Associations (click here to find your own state)
  6. Facebook
  7. Pharmacy Times
  8. Pharmacist’s Letter
  9. Twitter
  10. Fierce Healthcare
  11. Google Alerts
  12. RedSail Next Wave
  13. Pharmacy Times
  14. NCPA Digest
  15. CPESN Newsletter
  16. Drug Store News
  17. Accountable Care SmartBrief
  18. Doximity
  19. Pharmacy Flash
  20. Immunization Action Coalition

Soon, you’ll be a thought leader among your colleagues. Maybe they’ll begin considering you as one of their sources for industry news!

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