If compounding is one of your pharmacy’s offered services, then you need the best pharmacy technology to ensure precision and accuracy.

Scales play a huge role in maintaining exact weights of ingredients and batches. PioneerRx’s ability to connect with your scale guarantees precision and even alerts you when the weight is out of the tolerance range, within the tolerance range, or when it’s exactly right.

Britny Grant, Compounding Manager of West Knox Pharmacy in Corbin, KY, relies on PioneerRx’s pharmacy system during the process.

“This software is an all-in-one for us. It’s very cohesive with our workflow,” she says. “ It gives us an accurate reading of our compounds, as well.” Jennifer Baker, owner and Pharmacist-In-Charge at West Knox, agrees. “We were able to do all of our compounding within the PioneerRx software, which is so much better because it’s all connected and doesn’t require any other steps or third-party integrations. There aren’t a lot of compounding pharmacies in Kentucky, so we’re glad PioneerRx has helped us with this."

Independent pharmacies can mix batches with ease knowing that the process is safe and precise with PioneerRx’s pharmacy software.    

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