The new year is not so new anymore, the ice is thawing, and the almighty groundhog declares that an early spring is around the corner. Though spring is slowly coming out of hibernation, now’s the time to make your plans — and we have the event just for you.

Plan for your pharmacy’s success by registering for Catalyst Connect 2024. Some of the industry’s best and brightest minds will be under the same roof May 16-19 in Nashville, Tennessee, and it’s not complete without you.

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran of the tradeshow floors or new to the Catalyst Connect experience, this year’s event is set to be the best one yet, and we want you there for it.

Here’s why Catalyst Connect 2024 is a must-attend event for you and your staff.

Get Out of Your Pharmacy

As we discussed in our “5 Ways to Run Your Pharmacy Out of Business” blog, getting out of your pharmacy is a necessity for your pharmacy’s success. Staying within your pharmacy’s walls for too long gives you tunnel vision, making it difficult to come up with new and exciting ideas.

Just like how taking a walk outside can spark that next great idea, getting out of your pharmacy gives you a much-needed breath of fresh air from the daily hustle and bustle of pharmacy work.

Use that breath to its highest potential by registering for Catalyst Connect 2024. From collaborating with fellow PioneerRx users to learning how to further leverage your pharmacy software, Catalyst Connect is the central hub for pharmacy brilliance. Get on the action — your pharmacy and patients will be all the better for it.

Same Venue, New Chances to Innovate

Catalyst Connect aims to give the best pharmacy experience for both past and new attendees alike.

Just like last year, Catalyst Connect 2024 will be held at the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center in Nashville, Tennessee. Download the Gaylord Hotels: Resort app to make your way through the massive piece of property.

There is no shortage of things to do in the Gaylord, so get out of your pharmacy with some style. At the same time be within walking distance of the several outstanding classes Catalyst Connect has to offer, such as the fan-favorite Tips and Tricks class with Will Tuft, Manager of Event Education and host of the Beyond the Scripts Podcast.

If you’re already familiar with the Gaylord, take a walk down memory lane while attending new and exciting classes. If this is your first time, download the app and create a plan of action to make the most out of your Catalyst Connect experience.

Team Building

They say it’s the people who make the job, and that’s never more accurate than in the world of pharmacy. Whether it’s your staff or patients, they are the foundation of your pharmacy’s success.

In the case of Catalyst Connect, however, let's look behind the pharmacy counter. If you’re able, bring your pharmacy staff to the event. As they say, the more the merrier.

Catalyst Connect is jam-packed with classes and workshops that take your pharmacy operations to the next level. If you go in a group, you’re able to divide and conquer and cover more ground.

Not only do you and your staff learn valuable skills in both pharmacy work and your pharmacy system, Catalyst Connect can strengthen your team’s bond. After all, an efficient pharmacy team works in harmony with each other, becoming greater than the sum of its parts.

Then there comes the traveling aspect of Catalyst Connect. As mentioned earlier, the Gaylord has many restaurants and attractions to make your experience in Nashville an unforgettable one.

Register for Catalyst Connect and make your pharmacy’s team bond even stronger.

Early Bird Registration

Making May plans might feel too early now, but there’s no time like the present. If you want to optimize your pharmacy operations and profits, Catalyst Connect 2024 is the spark to get things going.

Register for Catalyst Connect now for early-bird pricing of $600 per attendee. Take advantage of early-bird pricing by registering before March 31 and get access to classes, exhibits, networking, and all that Catalyst Connect has to offer. Hurry – on April 1, prices increase to $800.

You likely do your best work with a sense of urgency — and nothing’s more urgent than your pharmacy’s and patients’ journeys. Ensure they’re both taking the scenic route by registering for Catalyst Connect 2024.


Attending trade shows stimulates your creativity. It opens new possibilities to old routines. It offers avenues for innovation in places you might’ve missed.

That’s what Catalyst Connect 2024 is all about. We put a spotlight on pharmacy innovation because it’s what makes the pharmacy world go round. What’s more, it makes your patients’ health journeys even more prosperous.

Register for Catalyst Connect 2024 now by clicking the flame icon in your PioneerRx software. Click here to view the Catalyst Connect 2024 schedule.

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