Irving, TX - PioneerRx Pharmacy Software is now offering a fully-integrated, internet-based Cloud Fax capability for independent pharmacies. Cloud Fax enables pharmacies to send and receive faxes directly through the software, eliminating the need for a fax machine or dedicated fax line. Faxes are processed in real time, similar to sending an email. The Cloud Fax integration is HIPAA-compliant and HITRUST-certified so that each pharmacy’s data is securely stored within the software system. PioneerRx pharmacies can opt-in to this service today to enjoy the benefits of Cloud Fax and start saving time and money on their faxing needs.

Digital, paperless faxing is technology that makes sense in today’s modern working environment.

Antiquated fax machine technology causes many pharmacies to face issues with hardware troubleshooting, high supply and maintenance costs, and cluttered work areas. With a paperless faxing system like PioneerRx Cloud Fax, no hardware, fax line, or supplies are necessary. All you need is an internet connection.

All incoming faxes are securely stored within the PioneerRx software system and allow for easy, on-demand access to stored fax documents. Since pharmacies no longer have to use a fax machine, this also eliminates the need for a modem and renders busy signals a thing of the past.

Cloud Fax saves independent pharmacies time, money, and counter space. Pharmacy staff no longer need to wait on analog modem dialing, because Cloud Fax sends and receives faxes in real time.

Pharmacies will save money on hardware, as they will no longer need to maintain a fax machine or purchase any paper, ink, or other ancillary supplies. In addition, this absence of hardware will free up counter space and eliminate loud noises and interruptions.

“Before Cloud Fax, we were printing out faxes, walking up a long flight of stairs to our fax machine and manually faxing between 10 to 30 pages a day. It was very time consuming and our fax machine was not reliable,” says Lynn Bontrager, a PioneerRx user and pharmacist at Gil Drugs in Valparaiso, IN. “The Cloud Fax feature allows us to save time and be more confident that our faxes are going through.”

Transform your workflow with a new and improved way to fax. Don’t get tied down with hardware issues and unpredictable waiting times. Cloud Fax can help you send and receive information when you need it most.

Pharmacies that are interested in adding Cloud Fax to their store can sign-up directly within their PioneerRx pharmacy software system or contact their Account Manager for more information. Discover the benefits that Cloud Fax can bring to your independent pharmacy today.

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