Because PioneerRx is a software company, one may assume our primary focus is technology. Like the pharmacy industry, we believe in rapid innovation and making sure our users have the right tools to carry out these innovations. However, without the right training, PioneerRx is just a dispensing system.

That’s why we pour our time and knowledge into each clerk, technician, and pharmacist to make sure they are using the software to its highest potential.

PioneerRx University

Now, we are investing in the future generations of pharmacists and technicians through our next educational endeavor: PioneerRx University.

We are taking our training beyond pharmacies and into classrooms across the nation. Programs that offer pharmacy simulations within their curriculum may use our software to offer students a hands-on approach to real pharmacy situations such as NDC verification, inventory management, and data entry.

Because we want to ensure the success of upcoming pharmacists and technicians, we are offering our cloud-based software at no cost to all educational institutions interested in enhancing their curriculums.

A Hands-On Learning Experience

Through PioneerRx University, we are working closely with colleges of pharmacy and pharmacy technician programs to develop a hands-on learning experience for students.

As a recent graduate of a PharmD program, Cameron Davidson knows the importance of the availability of academic opportunities.

“Recognizing the opportunities and resources that I did and did not have has been an important step,” Davidson says.

As PioneerRx’s Pharmacy Curriculum Developer, he is visiting pharmacy programs across the country to learn what students and instructors need for a successful pharmacy simulation experience.

The Importance of Training

Chris Bankson, University Liaison for PioneerRx, understands the impact of excellent training.

Before he joined the Education department, he was previously a software installer and a pharmacy technician. This, he says, gave him a broad view of the challenges students face when they graduate with little application of their curriculum.

“Schools today can try to explain what it’s like to work in a pharmacy,” he says, “but unless they have that hands-on experience, it won’t make much sense.”

Bankson cites the National Training Laboratories’ Learning Pyramid, which claims that students retain only 5% of material taught in a lecture, whereas students who actually practice what they are learning retain 75% of that material.

“We want the students who come to work in our industry to be the best at what they do, and a strong foundation can help make that happen,” says Bankson.


We want to equip the next generation of pharmacists and technicians with the knowledge and experience needed to be the best.

“The day you become a pharmacist is the day you commit to being a lifelong learner,” says Davidson.

Our mission is to create lifelong learners who have a strong foundation rooted in the fundamental skills necessary to successfully continue the practice of pharmacy.

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