Irving, TX – PioneerRx Pharmacy Software is the first and only independent pharmacy management system to feature a direct reporting capability with North Carolina’s COVID-19 Vaccine Management System (CVMS). The state has created a new system dedicated to supporting health care providers in managing and administering the COVID-19 vaccine. In order for pharmacists in North Carolina to have the right technology to effectively share COVID-19 immunization data with their local government, PioneerRx has developed a reporting capability that communicates with the new CVMS platform. This feature is fully-integrated at no extra cost to PioneerRx pharmacies in the state of North Carolina.

Independent pharmacies have played a crucial role in mitigating the pandemic, with vaccination currently being a key focus.

In order for pharmacies to vaccinate their communities while still providing other necessary services, they need to be able to save time on reporting and spend more time with patients. Currently, over 40% of the independent pharmacies in North Carolina are PioneerRx Pharmacy Software users.

By providing this time-saving reporting capability, PioneerRx is equipping pharmacies with the necessary tools to help accelerate the state’s COVID-19 vaccination progress.

In the fast-paced operations of a pharmacy, having a streamlined workflow is vital. A pharmacy’s software should be optimized to increase productivity and save time on data entry.

With the new direct reporting capability for PioneerRx stores in North Carolina, pharmacies will be able to eliminate the need for double reporting and reduce the potential for mismatched data. Instead of having to exit the pharmacy software to report to their state registry, PioneerRx users can remain in their native system and save an extra step in the vaccination process.

“We were essentially doing two entries instead of just one, and it was so labor-intensive. Being able to do it just through our PioneerRx system is an enormous help for us,” says PioneerRx user Brent Talley, owner of Hayes Barton Pharmacy in Raleigh, NC. “It’s a huge time-saver. We are now able to administer more vaccines and be more efficient.”

This standardized reporting system ensures data formatting consistency among independent pharmacies, enabling them to properly share vital COVID-19 vaccination data to the necessary entities.

PioneerRx is dedicated to keeping a close eye on the changing needs of community pharmacies and providing fast, relevant feature updates.

With the combined resources and network scale of parent company RedSail Technologies, PioneerRx is able to advocate for the best interests of independent pharmacies and provide the necessary resources for their continued success in serving their communities.

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