It takes a lot of moving parts to operate a successful independent pharmacy. 

You need to have the right staff for the right job. You also need an optimal pharmacy software system to further enhance your workflow (PioneerRx has got you more than covered in this case). Even your pharmacy’s location plays an important role in its success. 

A successful pharmacy is a well-oiled machine, but all the best bells and whistles in the world mean nothing without the key component of a successful pharmacy or business: your patients. 

Your patient relationships are your pharmacy’s lifeblood. From a financial perspective, prescription sales, vaccines, and clinical services help your pharmacy stay afloat. 

From a holistic point of view, they are what keep you on your toes, making sure you’re providing the best patient care possible. 

Here’s how you can establish lasting patient relationships. 

Create a Friendly Environment 

friendly pharmacy envioronment

We all gotta start somewhere. As you know, patient relationships take time to establish. As with all things in life, first impressions are everything, so create a pharmacy environment that is friendly and reliable. 

Some patients liken going to the pharmacist to a dentist appointment. In other words, they dread it. It’s your pharmacy’s responsibility to ensure that the patient experience doesn’t feel like pulling teeth. 

Pharmacist-patient relationships are built on trust, and a friendly environment makes the beginning process that much easier.

Regarding specifics, you can only do so much since you are running a healthcare facility. But independent pharmacies enjoy the benefit of being able to put their own spin on patient care. This also goes for your pharmacy’s interior. 

While your interior should scream “pharmacy,” it doesn’t have to be sterile and lifeless. Check out our “Pharmacy Spotlights” series to see how pharmacists are making their pharmacies a true pillar of the community. 

The Art of Introductions

Then we get to the all-important first meeting. As mentioned earlier, some patients dread going to a pharmacy. A friendly environment eases their worries, but that first interaction seals the deal. 

It’s a cliche but always say hello with a smile. Regardless of the patient’s mood, a friendly smile generally livens things up, starting the prescription-filling process on a good note. 

Different patients behave in different ways, so read the room. What works for one may not work for another.

A bubbly attitude can be overwhelming for some, especially if they’re dropping off ER prescriptions. Some patients prefer a more forward approach, so meet them halfway. 

Whatever the climate of the room is, ensure that your patients feel heard and properly taken care of from the beginning. 

Utilize PioneerRx

As mentioned in the beginning, a quality pharmacy software system can enhance your pharmacy’s workflow. What’s more, it can further strengthen your patient relationships. 

PioneerRx has all the tools to take pharmacy work and patient relationships to the next level. 

The Patient Profile gives you ample opportunity to strengthen your patient relationships. 

Whether we’re talking Patient Comments, language preferences, text/call preferences, and everything in between, PioneerRx helps make the patient-going experience so much more convenient. 

Not only do these features enhance patient convenience but they also help the patient in their health journey. Case in point: establishing a patient’s allergies in their profile will prompt PioneerRx to raise a red flag whenever it receives a prescription for a medication that contains the allergen. 

That’s just one example of how PioneerRx can help establish and maintain patient relationships. If you don’t already, visit PioneerRx University to learn how you can further your pharmacy’s — and your patients’ — health journey.

Hear Your Patients (Active Listening) 

patient relationship - hear your patients

Patient care is not for the introverted — or at least not the overly introverted. As we’ve explored in previous blogs, patient care goes beyond giving vaccines or putting pills in a bottle: it’s all about truly caring for the patient. 

True patient care is taking care of them in multiple ways. In this case, lend a listening ear when your patient needs it. Patient consultations are a tried and true method of exceptional patient care. 

One-on-one conversations strengthen patient relationships. They let the patient know that you’re there to help them or just listen to them.

Pharmacists and other pharmacy staff wear many hats, and one of them happens to be a sounding board. 

If a patient wants to tell you about their day, let them let off a little steam (unless there’s a line). It makes them feel better and leads them to trust your pharmacy even more. 

Visit our blog, “Master the Art of Patient Counseling,” to learn more about the ins and outs of patient counseling. 

Go The Extra Mile 

patient relationships - go the extra mile

As mentioned earlier, patient relationships are built on trust. And what better way to gain your patient’s trust than going the extra mile? 

There are plenty of ways to go the extra mile for your patients. On the pharmacy floor, you can fill a patient’s prescription now instead of having them wait until the next business day. 

You can turn a 30-day prescription into a 90-day fill (if there are enough refills on the prescription, of course). You can schedule their next shingles vaccine right after their first dose. 

Does your patient prefer a certain manufacturer for a certain drug? Leave a comment in their patient profile so they get what they want — and need. 

What matters is that you’re willing to go the extra mile for your patients. Hard work does get recognized, so go the extra mile for your patients. The results will come in due time. 


We all know just how important patient relationships are. They are the fuel that keeps your pharmacy going. Nurture and enhance your patient relationships by making the patient experience as convenient as possible. 

Independent pharmacies put their own spin on patient care, so make sure yours is the best for your community. The rest will fall into place.

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