Integrating with the technology vendors that pharmacies trust is one of the ways a pharmacy system can be more open to innovation. We believe in integrating with the technology partners our pharmacists trust, and we enjoy working alongside like-minded companies that have a history of pioneering new technology

Kirby Lester has delivered speed and accuracy to pharmacies for 45 years. Although their pill counters are non-obtrusive to the work area, they have a huge impact on workflow.

About Kirby Lester

Dave Schultz, Chief Technology Officer of Kirby Lester, has always seen the value of technology in health care.

After receiving a degree in computer science, Schultz joined an automation company and found his way into health care shortly afterward.

“Getting into the medical side was interesting because it brought a very human element to the world of computers. We can use computers to benefit and help people, especially today,” says Schultz.

With the responsibility of the pharmacist to keep a business afloat and protect patients, devices like computerized counting devices could actually put a price on peace of mind.


Pharmacists have more than just a pill counter with the KL1Plus.

The software provides safeguards like verification and fill records to maintain accountability of both the pharmacy and the patient.

The KL1Plus may even be used for remote verification, a necessary practice for large chains or remote locations. The supervision factor is what makes the KL1Plus “invaluable,” according to Schultz.

“As you pour and count, we’re supervising you all the way down to the point of the tablet,” he says. “With all the interruptions that pharmacists experience, we’re here to make sure they can sleep better at night knowing that this technology keeps up with the checks and balances.”

Not to mention the KL1Plus is fast, too. Schultz describes how pharmacists “armed with stopwatches” put Kirby Lester devices to the test.

“They really scrutinize these counters,” he says. “It’s a big deal to not only be accurate, but to help them save time, too. That’s a big factor in the return on investment.”

PioneerRx Partnership

Kirby Lester’s pill counters interface with pharmacy management systems, a benefit pharmacists find necessary for data storage.

Andrew Fligor, VP of Information Technology for Ritzman Pharmacy, has found inventory management to be smoother in over 20 Ritzman locations across Ohio with this integration.

“The interface to PioneerRx is the key to success with Kirby Lester. We deployed ‘mobile’ Kirby units that we used to completely zero out and recount all of our locations. The ability to upload the on-hand inventory back into PioneerRx saved us countless hours of counting and keying by hand," he says.

The interface between Kirby Lester and PioneerRx provides an enhanced workflow for pharmacists and their staff.


Between faster counting and an innovative accountability system, a Kirby Lester pill counter saves you time you would otherwise spend on sliding pills across a tray or responding to customer disputes over filling errors.

Instead of devoting all your time to being human a pill counter, be an innovative pharmacist who invests in time and money-saving technology so you can focus on what really matters.

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