Annually on March 8th, International Women’s Day is globally observed as a day to celebrate the social, political, cultural, and economic achievements of women and rally for women’s equality. IWD belongs to no organization, group, or institution – it is a day for all people to collectively make a difference in the representation of women.

Women in Pharmacy

From 2018-2019, 62% of 1st professional degrees in pharmacy were awarded to women. Despite the fact that women compose a majority of those in the pharmacy profession, men continue to dominate leadership roles.

This disparity can lead to uneven representation for women in healthcare.

Women in the US are proven to make an overwhelming majority of health care decisions, represent a majority of the US population as a whole, and also represent a majority of the US healthcare workforce.

Shouldn’t this lead to a proportionate representation of women in healthcare leadership?

One of the missions of IWD is to empower women to make informed decisions about their health, and this can be supported by having more women in influential healthcare leadership roles.

There is definitely still work to be done, but it is inspiring to see how far we have come.

On this International Women’s Day – and Women’s History Month throughout the entire month of March – we should celebrate the achievements and influence of all the intelligent, passionate women in our lives and in the world.

Here at PioneerRx, we want to highlight the talented women specifically in the field of pharmacy.

From the PioneerRx team, to leaders at PioneerRx pharmacies, to guests on our Catalyst Pharmacy Podcast – women are doing some amazing things that deserve to be recognized.

Strengthening the PioneerRx Team

We are so thankful to have such a talented, passionate team of people at PioneerRx. By having employees with experience and education in the field of pharmacy, we can better serve our pharmacies by understanding the unique challenges they face on a daily basis.

As part of our customer support team, every PioneerRx pharmacy has a dedicated Account Manager as their point of contact for software-related questions. Our Account Managers have an average of 10 years of pharmacy technician experience, so they truly can understand the inner workings of a pharmacy.

Our unmatched customer support wouldn’t be possible without team members like Pamela Gueco or Starla LeMay.

PioneerRx is also highly focused on remaining innovative and advancing along with the industry. Dao Ly, one of our on-staff clinical pharmacists, is another vital member of our team. She brings her extensive knowledge of pharmacy and innovative ideas to the table in a variety of invaluable ways.

Inspirational Women in PioneerRx Pharmacies

PioneerRx pharmacies have always been innovators and leaders, and this has been proven even more throughout the pandemic.

We continue to be inspired by the dedication of PioneerRx pharmacies, and all independent pharmacies, to continue serving their communities in any way they can.

Whether it’s Anne Pace leading Covid-19 vaccination in her community, Brittney Johnson and her team giving back to the community, Bianca Bradshaw prioritizing her team’s mental health, or Jessica Eshleman advancing her pharmacy’s clinical services – these women in pharmacy are making a real difference.

Guests on the Catalyst Pharmacy Podcast

The Catalyst Pharmacy Podcast continues to expand its list of incredible pharmacy leaders that have joined us on the podcast, sharing their motivational stories and offering powerful advice to independent pharmacists everywhere.

We are proud to share these episodes featuring women that are revolutionizing pharmacy, and we look forward to growing this list.

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Jennifer Palazzolo, Owner of Flatirons Family Pharmacy
Episode: Planting the Seed of Wellness

Stacy Welling, Owner of Whaley’s Pharmacy, Inc.
Episode: Baby Bump Up Your Marketing Game

Morgan Miller, Functional Pharmacist and Director of Specialty Pharmacy at Alps Pharmacy
Episode: Small Wins. Big Impact.

Mindy Smith, VP of Professional Affairs at Tabula Rasa HealthCare
Episode: Lobby Like It’s Hot

Amina Abubakar, Owner of Rx Clinic Pharmacy and President of the Avant Institute
Episode: Are You Stuck in the Provider Friend Zone?

Lisa Hines, VP of Performance Measurement for the Pharmacy Quality Alliance (PQA)
Episode: How Does Your Pharmacy Measure Up?

Staci Hubert, Owner of Ashland Pharmacy and President of CPESN Nebraska
Episode: What Your Community Needs Right Now

Vicki Einhellig, CEO of Good Day Pharmacy
Episode: How To Set Goals And Actually Reach Them

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