It’s one thing to open a pharmacy. Running it is another. But winning your staff over? That’s a whole can of worms.

Winning over your pharmacy staff is a delicate balancing act. It’s an endeavor that requires just about all facets of your pharmacy work, ranging from the clinical to the interpersonal.

So, you might know the ins and outs of establishing a loyal patient base, but how about your pharmacy team? If you’re filling in for the day or moving to a new store, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s how you can win your pharmacy staff over.

Know Your Team

You can’t win your team over if you don’t know who comprises of said team. Your patient base is a diverse group of people from all walks of life, and such is the case with your team. It's the people who make the job, so get to know your team.

Knowing your team can vary from the professional to the (within reason) personal. From the professional side, know each team member’s area of expertise. One could be a customer service maestro, whereas another can be an insurance claim wizard.

NBA legend Phil Jackson, a master of turning a group of individuals into a cohesive unit, once said “The strength of a team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” In short, let each team member do what they do best, and the whole will be greater than the sum of its parts.

Get Some Food

Sometimes the best way to win over your pharmacy staff (or anyone, really) is to give them food. Taking your pharmacy staff to lunch is a tried-and-true way to win them over. Just ask Jackson Justus in this episode of the Catalyst Pharmacy Podcast:

In case you didn’t watch the entire episode (you should, it’s a banger), Owl Pharmacy Owner Jackson Justus admitted his ownership journey was a little bumpy in the beginning. He wasn’t opening a pharmacy but was taking over the reins of one, meaning he became the head honcho while also being the new guy.

The situation is an uphill battle in every way, from first-day power outages to cars crashing into the pharmacy doors. The Kentucky native had more than his work cut out for him. Through his endless optimism and unwavering work ethic, we can’t imagine Owl Pharmacy without Jackson.

Create your own Chicken Salad Day. Whether it’s French Fry Friday, Macaroni Monday, or Taco Tuesday, this culinary solution will do wonders in winning your pharmacy staff over.

Do the Work

Sometimes the best solution is the simplest. The easiest — and most effective — way to win over your pharmacy staff is to simply do the work. Nothing solidifies your worth in the industry more than your work ethic. Your efficiency, attention to detail, and adaptability will speak volumes in the long run.

How do you handle peak rush hours? What do you say to an angry patient? How do you go about bringing the fill queue down? Do you keep your pharmacy neat and tidy? Are you effectively utilizing your pharmacy software (check out PioneerRx University if you haven’t already)? All of these are inevitable parts of pharmacy work, and how you approach them separates the good leaders from the greats.

Get Out of Your Pharmacy

Everyone loves a good field trip. Pharmacy work can feel like routine when you’ve done it for a while, making days and even months fly by. Pharmacy work shouldn’t feel like a routine, or at least not a boring one — and the best way to shake things up is to get out for a little bit.

We're talking pharmacy events like Catalyst Connect (click the flame icon on your PioneerRx software to register if you haven’t already) or participating in community events. Attending that pharmacy conference or participating in that community event (see later sections) and, before you know it, your brain is flooding with new ideas and new ways to enhance your patients’ health journey.

But don’t stop there — get your staff involved. Take them along for the ride, whether it’s Catalyst Connect, AmplifyLTC, NCPA’s Annual Convention, or pharmacy events.

Win your pharmacy staff over by taking them beyond your pharmacy’s walls. There's no better way to reignite your passion for pharmacy work than a breath of fresh air. In short, pharmacy work doesn’t always involve your pharmacy.

Read our blog, “It’s Time to Get Out of Your Pharmacy” to learn more about how you can make the most out of your time outside the pharmacy.


Creating a strong patient base is only half the battle. Winning over your pharmacy staff is a vital part of your ownership journey. Your pharmacy's workflow is primarily shaped by your staff, who typically serve as the initial point of contact for your patients.

Win your pharmacy staff over by doing the simple things well: do the work, handle stressful situations well, make them feel heard, and take them out to lunch every now and then. Your community and staff will be better for it.

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