Every day is worth celebrating, but this one is even more special. Life is full of twists and turns, some sharper than others. Some of them are a literal matter of life and death. 

National Cancer Survivors Day celebrates the ultimate victory against a horrible disease. This holiday celebrates those who fought cancer and came out the other end.

National Cancer Survivors Day also honors those who we’ve lost as we continue to search for a cure. 

Though it’s a bittersweet holiday, National Cancer Survivors Day is one of gratitude, resilience, and — above all — hope. 

Independent pharmacists far and wide witness firsthand how long and difficult the road to fighting cancer can be. They also know how essential it is to hold on to hope. 

Here’s how to celebrate National Cancer Survivors Day as an independent pharmacist. 

When is National Cancer Survivors Day?

National Cancer Survivors Day falls on the first Sunday of June. The 36th Annual National Cancer Survivors Day is on June 4, 2023. 

The National Cancer Survivors Day Foundation focuses on providing “free guidance, education, and networking to hundreds of hospitals, support groups, and other cancer-related organizations…” according to their official website

The foundation also works to raise awareness of the ongoing challenges of cancer survivorship, reminding us that life goes on after achieving such a seismic victory. 

There are so many things worth celebrating in life, but fighting and beating cancer tops it all. As an independent pharmacist, you play a role in your patient’s health and the health of your community. 

Here’s how you can put your stamp on National Cancer Survivors Day.

Hold a Community Event

One of the best parts of being an independent pharmacist is how you can play a big role in your community. Patient care goes beyond dispensing medications, and it can also go beyond the pharmacy itself. 

Holding community events is a fantastic way to bring the community together. What’s more, it’s a great way to celebrate National Cancer Survivors Day. 

As mentioned earlier, the National Cancer Survivors Day Foundation strives to raise awareness of cancer and cancer survivorship. They also provide several different themes for your community event. 

Some of the themes include: 

  • Enjoy the Ride
  • The Fabric of Hope
  • Swinging Toward the Cure
  • Light of Hope
  • Hope in Motion 
Visit the Foundation’s “Choose a Theme” page for more information on these and other themes. 

Take tons of photos during the community event and share them on your independent pharmacy’s social media accounts. Not only are you expanding your pharmacy’s outreach but you’re also expanding its online presence. 

Raise Awareness with Your Patients

In many ways, patient care culminates in your independent pharmacy. The patient goes to their doctor’s office, they write up a prescription, and you fill said prescription. 

That prescription hopefully sets their health journey into a healthier and sunnier trajectory. 

But as you well know, patient care is more than just dispensing medications. The patient-pharmacist relationship is a sacred one (or at least a legally binding one).

They likely go to you for advice on their health, so encourage — and even urge — them to schedule a cancer screening. 
Though cancer can develop at any age, most types of cancer become more common as you get older. Half of all cancers are in people over the age of 70, according to Cancer Research UK

Simply put, your body’s cells get damaged over time, making it more susceptible to cancerous growth. 

This should be a great point of focus for independent pharmacies with elderly demographics. That’s what makes early detections absolutely essential. 

One of the key goals of National Cancer Survivors Day is to raise awareness of cancer and the necessity to live a healthier life. 

Getting an early cancer screening works to do exactly that. Talk to your patients about the necessity of early cancer screenings if they haven’t already.

Harness the Power of Social Media 

Your independent pharmacy’s social media outlets let you reach your community like never before. We previously alluded to the importance of your pharmacy’s online presence. 

Social media pages are more than eye candy. They can inform and — in a way — save lives, with the help of your independent pharmacy of course! 

While you’re posting photos from the community event, post helpful facts about cancer awareness, the importance of early detection screenings, and other important information about National Cancer Survivors Day. 

Patient care can easily enter the online world by informing and educating patients.

The more informed your patients are, the more they are able to lead happier and healthier lives. Patient literacy is a profoundly important aspect of pharmacy work. 

It’s more than just giving patient consultations. Patient literacy ensures your patients are better equipped to correctly take hold of their health journeys. 

Pharmacists and doctors can only do so much in directing them toward a better path. Patient literacy, even in the form of quality social media posts, ensures they naturally make the best decisions for their health. 


National Cancer Survivors Day is a powerful reminder of our resilience and the joys of everyday life. It reminds us how important our health is and how we must keep in check. 

Like car maintenance, it might not always be convenient, but we do it to have a smooth ride — whether that’s on the road or in life. 

Hold a community event, check with your patients, and use the power of social media — all are profound examples of superb patient care. Use National Cancer Survivors Day as a way to celebrate health and everything that comes with it.

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