Need a reliable way to keep your inventory in check?

With Usage-Based Ordering, PioneerRx users can easily start managing their inventory levels and never be caught off guard with low stock.

PioneerRx’s pharmacy software compiles a report of medications and retail items dispensed daily for users to review in case any items need to be reordered. Items included on the Rx Daily Order and Retail Daily Order lists can be manually added and deleted as needed.

Users can go in and easily select the items they want to order based off of the pharmacy’s usage, and a color-coded system makes it easy to quickly identify the status of each Rx and retail item.

Jordan Loggins, pharmacist-in-charge at Arnold Drug Company in Cornelia, GA, says he and his staff rely on the Usage-Based Ordering capabilities within PioneerRx every day in the pharmacy.

“Our owner is very particular about maintaining a tight inventory level,” Loggins explains. “This feature does a really good job of keeping up with what we’re supposed to have in stock. He wants us within $1000-$2000 of our recommended budget, so the Usage-Based Ordering makes maintaining our inventory a whole lot easier.”

Simplify your pharmacy’s reordering with PioneerRx’s inventory management tools.

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