Take security to another level with biometric security settings, a highly recommended feature of PioneerRx’s pharmacy software.

User PINs and passwords offer basic security, but fingerprint readers are the best way to keep pharmacies compliant with DEA, PCI, and HIPAA standards. Using fingerprints prevents stolen, lost, or forgotten passwords and simplifies your authorization process.

You’ll also have greater accuracy in logging every individual’s activity throughout the day, so you know exactly what is going on in your pharmacy.

Tho Nguyen, pharmacy manager at D&D Pharmacy in Charlotte, NC, appreciates the peace of mind that the security features within PioneerRx’s pharmacy technology provides.

“Once we read the instructions, setting up our staff’s fingerprints was very easy,” Tho recounts. “It’s very quick to log in with the fingerprint, instead of typing in our password each time. It’s also very helpful when keeping track of who did what within the software.”

The biometric capabilities of PioneerRx enable your pharmacy to run smoothly and securely, so you can have peace of mind while caring for your patients.

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