With PioneerRx’s pharmacy management system, it’s easier than ever to maintain a lean inventory.

Keeping extra stock on hand “just in case” may seem like a good idea, but your pharmacy could be using that capital elsewhere.

Within the software, users can generate a list of items that may need to be returned based on the supplier, the number of days since that item was previously used, and/or the date when the item was ordered.

Matthew Wine, Pharmacist-In-Charge of Just Meds Pharmacy in Saint Clairsville, OH, has strived to improve his inventory practices since converting to the PioneerRx pharmacy software one year ago.

“Weekly or biweekly, we process the recommended returns that haven’t been used in the last 90 days and send them back to the manufacturer. It keeps us efficient and helps us identify items that aren’t moving past 90 days,” Matthew explains. “You’ll initially find a lot of product to send back, but as you grow more efficient and implement better practices like this, you’ll find yourself sending less things back. Because we’ve been doing practices like this, we’ve cut our inventory in half.”

PioneerRx’s technology frees up time and money that independent pharmacies can spend elsewhere.      

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