The PioneerRx pharmacy management system offers many features that accelerate the dispensing process, including the ability to add a prescriber or edit their information from their National Provider Identifier (NPI) or the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) number.

This allows the user to automatically populate the information fields with correct, up-to-date information without leaving the pharmacy system to search the Internet databases for fax numbers or addresses.      

Jody Chaney, Pharmacist-In-Charge at Corner Drug in Colorado City, TX, knows the value of her time, especially when PioneerRx’s pharmacy program helps her input providers’ data quickly and accurately.

“I think it’s a time-saver,” she says. “Instead of asking the doctor’s office for their phone number and fax number and trying to write all of that down correctly while they’re talking on the phone, it’s so much faster to pull this information from the database. Everyone should be using this feature!”

Features like these allow PioneerRx pharmacies to maintain speed and efficiency in their workflows.

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