Diverse Reporting Options Make Inventory Simple

Organizing and managing multiple inventories is simple with PioneerRx’s pharmacy management system. Independent pharmacies can keep track of groups such as retail, 340B, and long-term care with no need for additional programs in order to keep track of ordering and balance on-hand.        

Sarah Minick, PIC at Carolina Community Pharmacy-Northwest in Greenwood, SC, manages a retail inventory and a 340B inventory at her store. “We utilize the reporting system within PioneerRx to determine which products are being used in the 340B side,” Sarah explains, “then we use that report, in turn, to determine how to order for our next-day delivery to our wholesale company. We use this as a guide to order and replenish for the next day.” PioneerRx’s pharmacy software simplifies inventory management so pharmacies can maintain their multiple inventories with ease.
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