Deliver Medicine Efficiently with Our iPhone App

The Mobile Delivery Application, an integrated feature within the PioneerRx pharmacy system, empowers pharmacies to extend their services beyond the counter.

This app can be easily downloaded onto an iOS device, enabling delivery drivers to optimize their routes using Apple Maps, securely process credit card payments, and capture patient signatures.

At Moose Pharmacy of Mt. Pleasant, the Mobile Delivery App within PioneerRx's pharmacy program plays a crucial role in efficiently serving their 400-500 patients who rely on medication deliveries.

Robin Linker, the Delivery Driver Coordinator at Moose Pharmacy, emphasizes the app's ability to simplify the delivery process.

She recognizes that delivering a prescription involves more than just driving to someone's house and collecting a signature. It is a complex process that requires careful coordination.

Robin explains, "The act of delivering a prescription sounds as easy as driving to someone's house and getting a signature when, in reality, it's a complex process that has multiple steps to it. It is the coordination that allows us to be successful."

Joe Moose, co-owner of Moose Pharmacy, highlights a different aspect of the Mobile Delivery App. From an owner's perspective, he recognizes the cost-saving efficiency of the app.

By optimizing delivery routes and streamlining the payment and signature collection process, the app contributes to significant cost savings.

Joe emphasizes, "From an owner standpoint, the efficiency translates into cost savings. The more economical the app makes us, the more money we save on an already-expensive process of delivering medications."

Pharmacies like Moose Pharmacy are leveraging PioneerRx's apps and features to mobilize their patient services. By utilizing the Mobile Delivery Application, they can go the extra mile to ensure convenience and accessibility for their customers.

PioneerRx's pharmacy technology equips pharmacies with the tools necessary to provide efficient and reliable medication delivery services.

In conclusion, the Mobile Delivery Application within PioneerRx's pharmacy system enables pharmacies to extend their services beyond the counter.

This app, downloadable onto iOS devices, offers features such as optimized routing, secure credit card payments, and electronic signature capture.

At Moose Pharmacy, the Mobile Delivery App has become an essential component of their pharmacy program, allowing them to efficiently serve their large patient base.

Robin Linker highlights the app's ability to simplify the complex process of medication delivery through effective coordination. Joe Moose underscores the cost-saving benefits of the app, emphasizing the efficiency it brings to the delivery process.

By utilizing PioneerRx's mobile app and features, pharmacies can enhance their patient services and ensure optimal convenience for their customers.

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