PioneerRx’s pharmacy technology makes it easy for pharmacists and facilities to work together to provide the best care for their mutual patients.

Medication Administration Records, or MARs, may include medication records, prescriber order, treatment sheets, or psychotropic charts that facilities may use when administering treatment to their patients.

Richard Boone, pharmacist at Little Drugs in Linden, AL, frequently uses the MAR functionality in his pharmacy management system to communicate important instructions to local facilities.

“It’s really been helpful to us! The help we’ve gotten from our account manager, Pam, has been tremendous. Some of these reports were complicated, and she worked with us to make these MARs possible,” says Richard. “It helps us because it provides so many different ways to manipulate and utilize the different data elements. We can extract the data from one pill, like ‘resident diet’ for example, and from that create a report for the nursing home so they can provide it for their dietary department. It’s easy to set up sig codes to populate dosage times on MARs so the nurses can administer the medications at the right times. The options are endless, and we use MARs everyday in our pharmacy.”
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