Pharmacy software installation may seem stressful, but PioneerRx ensures a smooth journey from start to finish.

After the sales process, each new PioneerRx customer is assigned an Installation Coordinator as their point of contact. These coordinators are available to the pharmacy staff to address any questions and issues that arise during install preparation.

About the Installation Process

Goodlark Pharmacy at Fairview in Fairview, TN, recently underwent its third installation with PioneerRx’s pharmacy system.

CEO and pharmacist John Kelsey has participated in all three, and he finds the experience to be hassle-free.

“This was our third pharmacy, but it was our first to open from the ground up instead of a conversion. I think that the service — from the beginning with the Installation Coordinators up until now when we call into Support — has been great for us,” John relays. “If this new store goes well, hopefully there will be more installations in the future!”

Pharmacy owners like John appreciate the support provided by PioneerRx's Installation Coordinators throughout the installation process. These coordinators play a crucial role in ensuring a seamless transition to the PioneerRx pharmacy system, regardless of whether it's a new pharmacy opening or a system conversion.

How Our Installation Coordinators Work

The Installation Coordinators serve as a dedicated resource for pharmacy staff, offering guidance and assistance in preparing for the installation.

They are available to address any questions or concerns and provide timely support throughout the entire process.

This level of personalized attention and support helps to alleviate the stress associated with software installation, allowing pharmacy owners and staff to focus on their core operations.

John's positive experience with PioneerRx's Installation Coordinators highlights the commitment to customer satisfaction and service excellence that the company upholds.

The seamless transition and ongoing support provided by the coordinators have contributed to the success of Goodlark Pharmacy at Fairview.

Get the Support You Need to Succeed

As more pharmacies recognize the need for advanced technology solutions, the role of PioneerRx's Installation Coordinators becomes increasingly important.

Their expertise and guidance ensure that pharmacies can make a smooth transition to the PioneerRx pharmacy system and maximize the benefits of the software.

With dedicated support from the Installation Coordinators and access to a comprehensive suite of features and tools, pharmacies can enhance their operations, improve efficiency, and provide better care to their patients.


PioneerRx's commitment to customer success is evident in its installation process, empowering pharmacies to embrace technology and thrive in an evolving healthcare landscape.

Pharmacy owners and staff who embark on their technology journey with PioneerRx can trust in the expertise and support provided by the Installation Coordinators, setting them up for success and a positive experience with the pharmacy software.
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