PioneerRx's comprehensive pharmacy software not only offers powerful workflow tools but also provides essential business management features, including the Employee Time Clock.

This convenient tool allows employees to log their time directly within the software, using their individual PIN numbers or an attached fingerprint scanner.

About Employee Time Clock

The Employee Time Clock functionality goes beyond basic clocking in and out.

It offers additional capabilities such as creating Tasks within the Time Clock screen, allowing employees to track their work activities and assignments more efficiently.

Moreover, supervisors can export detailed employee time reports as Excel documents, enabling comprehensive analysis and insights into labor utilization.

One of the significant advantages of PioneerRx's Employee Time Clock is its seamless integration with integrated payroll providers.

By exporting employee time sheets directly to the integrated payroll system, pharmacies can streamline their payroll management processes.

Justice Pharmacy

This integration simplifies tasks such as managing time corrections and approvals, tracking sick leave and vacation time, all accessible with just a few clicks within the software interface.

Gary Justice, owner and pharmacist-in-charge of Justice Pharmacy in Shallotte, NC, has been utilizing PioneerRx's software for over three years.

According to Gary, the Employee Time Clock has been instrumental in organizing his team management.

"Due to the simplicity of the software, my employees quickly grasped how to manage their time," Gary explains.

He further emphasizes that their pharmacy has experienced no issues with the system, highlighting the seamless experience it provides.

User-Friendly with Easy Integrations

The ease of use and intuitive design of PioneerRx's software have been highly appreciated by staff members of PioneerRx pharmacies.

Employees find the system user-friendly and straightforward, allowing them to manage their time effortlessly. On the other hand, pharmacy managers can conveniently integrate their payroll management tasks into their daily software workflow.

This integration eliminates the need for separate systems or manual processes, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing administrative burdens.

By incorporating the Employee Time Clock feature into their software, PioneerRx empowers pharmacies to efficiently manage their workforce and streamline their payroll processes.

The system's user-friendly interface and seamless integration with payroll providers ensure a hassle-free experience for both employees and management.


Discover the benefits of PioneerRx's Employee Time Clock and join Gary Justice and other satisfied pharmacy owners who rely on PioneerRx's software to optimize their team management.

Simplify time tracking, streamline payroll management, and enjoy the convenience of having all essential tools within a single software interface.

Contact PioneerRx today and learn more about how our comprehensive software can enhance your pharmacy's business operations.
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