Filling and billing for facilities presents a significant opportunity for independent pharmacies to expand their care and services.

With the Electronic Medical Administration Records (eMAR) functionality available in PioneerRx's pharmacy software system, pharmacies can effectively manage medication dispensing for assisted living facilities and other care settings.

This capability is further enhanced by the integration of Connected Vendors who specialize in eMAR solutions.

Ensure Compliance

Darryl Mast, the Pharmacist-In-Charge at Oakridge Care Pharmacy in Inman, SC, understands the value of PioneerRx's pharmacy technology in serving the needs of an assisted living facility in the area.

In his role as the facility's administrator, he has experienced numerous benefits from the eMAR capabilities within the software.

"It's a great compliance tool," Darryl affirms.

He recalls a particular incident where a patient was "cheeking" their medications, attempting to conceal or avoid taking them. However, thanks to the documentation provided by the software and the Medication Administration Record (MAR), Darryl and his team were able to provide proof of medication administration.

This evidence was crucial in addressing the issue with the patient and communicating the situation to the prescribing physician. Furthermore, it helped the pharmacy identify the need for additional measures to ensure proper medication adherence for that patient.

Serve Facilities

The eMAR capabilities within PioneerRx's software, combined with the support of connected vendors specializing in eMAR solutions, enable independent pharmacies to extend their practice and serve the specific needs of facilities.

By leveraging these features, pharmacies can enhance medication management, improve compliance, and provide valuable insights to healthcare professionals and facility administrators.

Document Medication Administration

The compliance tools offered by eMAR functionality empower pharmacists to track and document medication administration accurately.

This not only ensures adherence to regulatory requirements but also allows for comprehensive and reliable records that can be shared with healthcare providers and facility staff.

The software's intuitive design and seamless integration with connected vendors streamline the entire process, making it easier for pharmacists to manage medication orders, administration schedules, and patient profiles within a facility setting.

By leveraging PioneerRx's eMAR capabilities, independent pharmacists like Darryl can confidently serve facilities that rely on their expertise.

The software provides a comprehensive solution that not only meets regulatory standards but also enables pharmacists to proactively identify and address medication-related issues.

This level of control and oversight enhances patient safety and supports effective collaboration with healthcare professionals.


The integration of eMAR features and the collaboration with connected vendors is a testament to PioneerRx's commitment to empowering independent pharmacies.

By equipping pharmacists with the tools and resources they need to efficiently serve facility patients, PioneerRx is helping pharmacies extend their impact and deliver exceptional care.

Join Darryl Mast and other independent pharmacists who rely on PioneerRx's pharmacy technology to enhance their facility services.

Explore the eMAR capabilities and the integrated solutions offered by PioneerRx and its connected vendors. Take advantage of these powerful tools to optimize medication management, improve compliance, and provide exemplary care to facility patients.

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