As pharmacists explore ways to get reimbursed for their services through a value-based care model, PioneerRx is right by your side with the ability to provide Documentation for Payers.

Through the care planning capabilities in the software, pharmacies can use programmed templates and automation to ensure they are providing all of the proper documentation necessary to get paid for their clinical services – and save time while doing it.

The software has default information set up that can be customized by each store depending on what information their payers are looking for.

Each patient intervention has a list of recommended actions to document along with all the necessary SNOMED codes assigned to the task.

PioneerRx users can submit this documentation in the form of eCare Plans directly to CPESN, and the system will notify you if you are missing any information. Pharmacies that are eligible for payer programs will have their documentation submitted by CPESN to the proper payers – and get their reimbursement.

Staci Hubert is a PioneerRx user and the 2020 CPESN Luminary of the Year.

As a luminary, she is a leader in her community that is passionate about building a sustainable future for independent pharmacies, and that starts with getting paid for services.

“PioneerRx has done a great job of integrating with CPESN to get the information from what we’re doing on the local level and being able to document it…I have been really happy with [the process of getting] our information transmitted and it’s going faster and faster all the time,” says Hubert. “PioneerRx [has been] an integral part of my journey [in] proving what we’re doing to the payers.”

PioneerRx is always adapting new features that will enable our pharmacies to succeed in a changing industry.

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