A Simple Way to Manage Your Staff's Security Clearance

Your pharmacy staff holds a diverse set of roles and responsibilities that require access to different parts of your pharmacy software. With so much information being held in your software, PioneerRx makes it easy to organize and compartmentalize employee clearance with Custom Employee Role Permissions. You can easily assign certain employees, or groups of employees, to the areas they need access to. This can help minimize mistakes and inaccuracies by confining these areas to only the people who directly work with them.

Bruno Tching, pharmacist-in-charge at Inland Pharmacy in Hemet, CA, comments on the versatility of the feature, noting that “there’s a ton of different things that you can use the permission rules for.” The tool is especially helpful to Inland Pharmacy when dealing with sensitive or restricted information. “In California we have to do quarterly, manual narcotic inventory counts. . .So you can have permissions in there for who’s allowed to adjust on your quantities, [that way] those quantities can’t be adjusted by just anybody,” Tching says.

Custom Employee Role Permissions allow you to keep your pharmacy software secure.

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