Send Prior Authorization Forms Directly to Prescribers

Does your pharmacy system simplify prior authorization? PioneerRx directly integrates with CoverMyMeds to connect pharmacists and prescribers in order to prevent the prescription abandonment that occurs after rejected claims. PioneerRx can easily access the CoverMyMeds portal and reconcile rejected claims all within the software without having to exit and open a web page. IntelligentPA, or IPA, automates the claims process; if a claim is not resolved within 10 minutes, IPA begins the process and notifies the provider.

Cheryl Little, one of the staff pharmacists at McDowell Professional Pharmacy in McDowell, KY, “We use it to communicate with our physicians to let them know that there’s a medication that’s not not covered for our patient that needs to be pre-authorized, or when other required actions arise,” Cheryl explains. “We actually like it because it saves us time and a phone call. We’ve actually got our physicians trained in this area, and they prefer it over the traditional method of back-and-forth calls.”
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