Organize, Prioritize, and Fulfill Custom Medical Orders Easily

PioneerRx’s pharmacy system makes compounding easier for pharmacies with the Compound Batch Queue. As the most recent addition to the Workflow, this queue helps pharmacies prioritize their compounds for patients while being able to prepare the quantities that will be required for upcoming prescriptions that have been processed. The Compound Batch Queue even features color highlighting to give users at-a-glance information about compounded items so users may quickly assess the workflow status of the compounds.

Eric Larson, owner and pharmacist of Prescriptions Unlimited in St. Cloud, FL, appreciates the convenience of the Compound Batch Queue in PioneerRx’s pharmacy technology.

“Having a separate queue for compounds really pulls those compounds out of the workflow into its own section. Timing is key, right? Everything that’s commercially available is easy to fill, but compounding is a little more difficult,” Eric says. “Having that segregated out allows the compounding technicians to make calls and discuss benefits. It mimics the fill queue, which is nice because it maintains the continuity of the workflow.”
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