Don’t let rejected claims hold up your workflow. When it comes to processing claims, accuracy and efficiency are crucial.

PioneerRx understands the importance of quickly resolving any issues that may arise with rejected claims, and that's why we offer the Claim Overrides feature in our pharmacy software.

About Claim Overrides

If the information sent to the Third Party does not match what they have on file, this may delay how quickly the patient receives their medication.

Claim Overrides within PioneerRx allows the pharmacy to circumvent any inaccurate fields with the proper override values and continue filling the prescription. This powerful feature gives pharmacies the ability to address and resolve claim rejections in real-time, ensuring that patients receive their medications without unnecessary delays.

With the right settings in place, the override also prevents future rejections under specific conditions.

This proactive approach not only saves time and resources but also enhances patient satisfaction by minimizing disruptions in the prescription fulfillment process.

Chad's Payless Pharmacy

Frances Heinze, co-owner of Chad’s Payless Pharmacy in Florence, AL, has been relying on the PioneerRx pharmacy software for four years to streamline her pharmacy operations. Heinze and her dedicated team are committed to providing fast, patient-oriented service, understanding that patients often come to the pharmacy during challenging times.

“We see people at their worst — when they’re sick, when they don’t feel well, or after they’ve received some bad news from the doctor. It’s important to make coming to the pharmacy as pleasant and convenient as possible,” she says. “The last thing we want to tell a patient is that we can’t help them because there’s some paperwork or other minutia that’s not correct. The Claim Override function allows us to give the patient what they need and allow us that window to get things sorted out for them.”

With PioneerRx's Claim Overrides feature, pharmacies like Chad’s Payless Pharmacy can address claim discrepancies promptly, ensuring that patients receive the medications they need without unnecessary delays or inconvenience. Our pharmacy software empowers community pharmacies to deliver efficient and patient-centered care, even in challenging situations.

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