Independent pharmacies are seeing an increase in store traffic due to COVID-19 vaccination, and a lot of pharmacies are facing a similar situation – most of the individuals that they are vaccinating are not existing patients at their pharmacy.

While this can be a great opportunity to gain new customers, it’s also a lot of extra work to upload each new patient’s information into your pharmacy software.

With the new Bulk Patient Process feature, PioneerRx users can now upload patient data in bulk using an excel or .csv file. Once the data is uploaded, the software sorts through the information to automatically create patient profiles for each new patient.

Marc Ost, co-owner of Eric’s Rx Shoppe in Horsham, PA, has saved hours of time using the new Bulk Patient Process feature.

“It’s important to remember that one of the biggest hurdles in all this is that you’re not necessarily vaccinating your patient,” he says. “The most cumbersome part of the process is just adding new patients in the system.”

In the first couple weeks of administering the vaccine, Ost and his team saw around 95% of the patients they were vaccinating were not already entered in their software.

“My partner and I would take home stacks of papers and we’d be up all night just entering patients,” he emphasizes. “Now, the Bulk Patient Process feature has saved us…I can’t even tell you the amount of time. It is really a tremendous, tremendous time saver.”
“The Bulk Patient Process feature greatly improves our vaccine capacity and allows us to spend less time on patient data entry and more time vaccinating – or getting some sleep!”

To learn more about using the Bulk Patient Process feature in your pharmacy:

Watch the Webinar: Sign in to PioneerRx University. In the Content Library, select “PioneerRx Webinars” and then locate the webinar titled “Covid Vaccination: Save Time on Entering Patient Data” to get a complete overview and best practices.

Read the Help File: Within your PioneerRx software, navigate to the Help File – click on the “Patient” dropdown – then select “Bulk Patient Process” to learn more about the feature and access a sample excel file with pre-formatted data fields.

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