PioneerRx empowers community pharmacists to broaden their scope of care and offer a wide range of services, including compounding.

With our software, users can seamlessly build and bill compounds without the need for any third-party add-ons. The process of compounding batch quantities is made simpler within the system, and the ability to sort batches by batch/lot numbers enhances organization and efficiency.

Medical Park Pharmacy

Medical Park Pharmacy, located in Morehead City, NC, is an esteemed PCAB-accredited pharmacy that specializes in providing customized medications for patients of all ages, including pets.

For the past three years, compounding pharmacist Tonie Savill has relied on the PioneerRx pharmacy software to prepare specialty medications tailored to her patients' specific needs.

Tonie regularly batches various compounds, ranging from large quantities of pain creams to single batches of capsules or hormone replacement drugs. The convenience offered by PioneerRx is evident in Tonie's experience.

She explains, "With PioneerRx, my recipes are right there and ready to go. I don't have to go searching for a binder. All I do is print out the recipe, and I'm ready to compound my batches."

Compounding Capabilities

As more independent pharmacies seek to diversify their services and expand their capabilities, compounding has emerged as a valuable care method.

With PioneerRx's comprehensive pharmacy management system, pharmacists can seamlessly integrate compounding into their practice, leveraging the software's efficient tools and resources.

By incorporating compounding within their management system, pharmacists can enhance their service offerings and provide personalized medications that cater to the unique needs of their patients.


PioneerRx remains committed to supporting community pharmacists in delivering exceptional care and expanding their range of services.

Through our intuitive software, we strive to simplify complex processes like compounding, ensuring that pharmacists have the necessary tools and resources at their fingertips.

With PioneerRx, pharmacies can embrace compounding and other innovative care methods, enabling them to meet the evolving needs of their patients and thrive in the ever-changing landscape of independent pharmacy.

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