Easily Organize and Manage Compound Medicine with Our Simple Integrated Approach

PioneerRx’s pharmacy technology allows community pharmacists to expand their care and offer a variety of services, including compounding. Our software users can easily build and bill compounds with no need to purchase any third party add-ons. Compounding batch quantities within the system is simpler, and the ability to sort batches by batch/lot numbers allows for better organization.

Medical Park Pharmacy in Morehead City, NC, is a PCAB-accredited pharmacy that offers customized medications for the entire family, including pets. For three years, compounding pharmacist Tonie Savill has relied on the PioneerRx pharmacy software to compound specialty medications for her patients. Tonie batches all of her compounds, whether it’s large quantities of pain creams or single batches of capsules or hormone replacement drugs. “With PioneerRx, my recipes are right there and ready to go,” Tonie describes. “I don’t have to go searching for a binder. All I do is print out the recipe, and I’m ready to compound my batches.” As more independent pharmacies strive to diversify their services, they turn to additional care methods like compounding that are easily carried out within their management system.

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