Get More Time Face-to-Face with New Patient Counseling App

Does your pharmacy software system improve your patient interactions? PioneerRx pharmacies take advantage of the Apple iPad Patient Counseling application, which enhances facetime with patients. This add-on feature allows users to view drug warnings, manage adherence reports, and access patient information and medication history from the app. Because this is a mobile application, pharmacists may access it wherever they are in the pharmacy.

Sonny Krezdorn of Rose City Pharmacy in Tyler, TX, counsels his patients daily. As the Pharmacist-In-Charge, he finds the Patient Counseling application a necessary tool for effective patient care. “It’s nice to have some of the counseling points and direct information you’re looking for in the palm of your hand,” says Sonny. “For me personally, I have it set up right next to my pharmacist’s terminal. That way, I can speak to patients directly from there or step away from the counter.” PioneerRx’s pharmacy technology like the Patient Counseling app brings additional value to pharmacist-patient conversations.  

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