PioneerRx, a leading provider of pharmacy technology solutions, offers a comprehensive suite of tools for easy creation and management of customer accounts receivable (A/R). This functionality provides pharmacies with a range of benefits and capabilities to enhance their operations and improve customer satisfaction.

About Accounts Receivable

One of the primary uses of A/R accounts in pharmacies is to offer patients the option of making scheduled payments at a later date. This flexibility allows individuals to manage their healthcare expenses more effectively, aligning payments with their financial situations.

Additionally, pharmacies can utilize A/R accounts to organize charges for residents of long-term-care facilities, streamlining billing processes and ensuring accurate record-keeping.

For pharmacies with delivery services, A/R accounts prove invaluable for billing patients on a monthly basis. This feature simplifies the payment process, making it more convenient for both the pharmacy and the patients.

PioneerRx's A/R functionality includes various features to further enhance its utility, such as auto-pay options, charge limits to ensure responsible billing, and the ability to create sub-accounts for easy tracking and management.

In situations where users of PioneerRx require additional assistance or have questions related to accounts receivable or other financial matters, they can rely on the dedicated Accounting Support team. This team of experts is available to provide guidance and support, ensuring that pharmacies maximize the benefits of A/R functionality and address any financial concerns effectively.

KJ's Pharmacy

Connie Nobles, an Administrative Assistant at KJ's Pharmacy in Twin Falls, ID, is in a unique position as both a technician and a bookkeeper. This dual role allows her to witness and understand the clinical and accounting aspects of the pharmacy firsthand. With the A/R capabilities within PioneerRx, Connie efficiently manages patient accounts, enabling her to provide accurate and up-to-date information to patients regarding their balances or any discrepancies in charges.

“We manage around 500 accounts at a time,” Connie explains, “and it’s easy for me to check a patient’s account when they want to know their balance, or if their account was accidentally charged when they paid cash. At the end of the year, all I have to do is enter the dates, and I can give them their tax forms with the punch of a button.”

The majority of A/R accounts at KJ's Pharmacy are held by patients residing in nursing homes. These accounts prove to be extremely beneficial for these individuals as it simplifies their billing process and ensures they can maintain regular prescription schedules without inconvenience.

“We offer A/R for our customers because we need to be there for them and make things available to them for their ease, too,” Connie concludes.


In conclusion, PioneerRx's pharmacy technology offers robust A/R capabilities, enabling pharmacies to create and manage customer accounts receivable with ease.

With features like scheduled payments, charge organization for long-term-care facilities, and monthly billing for delivery patients, PioneerRx empowers pharmacies to enhance customer satisfaction and streamline their financial operations.

Through the expertise of the Accounting Support team, users can receive additional assistance and guidance when needed. Administrative Assistant Connie Nobles at KJ's Pharmacy attests to the efficiency and convenience of PioneerRx's A/R functionality, highlighting its value in managing patient accounts seamlessly.

By offering A/R services, pharmacies like KJ's Pharmacy prioritize customer ease and accessibility, fostering strong relationships and providing essential support to their valued patients.

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