PioneerRx’s pharmacy technology allows for easy creation and management of customer accounts receivable. Among a variety of other uses, A/R Accounts allow pharmacies to provide patients with the option of making scheduled payments at a later date, organize charges for residents of long-term-care facilities, and bill delivery patients monthly. Features like auto pay, charge limits, and sub accounts are all included within A/R. When PioneerRx users need additional support with their accounts receivable or have other financial questions, they can always turn to the Accounting Support team for assistance.

Administrative Assistant Connie Nobles works as both a technician and bookkeeper at KJ’s Pharmacy in Twin Falls, ID. This position allows her to observe both the clinical and accounting aspects of a pharmacy, and the A/R capabilities within PioneerRx help her keep track of the patient accounts at the pharmacy. “We manage around 500 accounts at a time,” Connie explains, “and it’s easy for me to check a patient’s account when they want to know their balance, or if their account was accidentally charged when they paid cash. At the end of the year, all I have to do is enter the dates, and I can give them their tax forms with the punch of a button.” Most of these A/R accounts are held by patients in nursing homes, which makes it easier for them to charge their expenses and maintain their regular prescription schedules. “We offer A/R for our customers because we need to be there for them and make things available to them for their ease, too,” Connie concludes.

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