Cold winds whip around and snowflakes stream down, but we’re still dreaming of June.

Amidst the winter weather, we’re prepping for warm days, sunny rays, and an action-packed weekend at PioneerRx’s annual user conference, Connect. COVID kept us apart the past 2 years, but in 2022, we’re back with more speakers, more tracks, and more topics than ever before. Most importantly, we’re back together.

With just a few months left until Connect kicks off, imagine trading your snowshoes for cowboy boots and whisking the weekend away with us in the heart of Nashville, TN.

Are you ready to ReConnect?

"I always look forward to Connect and walk away each time impressed by the energy and entrepreneurial spirit of the attendees. It’s perhaps the most concentrated gathering of big-idea pharmacy owners that I see all year long!" — Troy Trygstad, CPESN

Connect will be held this year at the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center — one of the most famous spaces in Music City. While at the Gaylord, you’ll enjoy great views, fine dining, and plenty of activities on-site. Take a walk around the gardens, have a splash at the indoor waterpark, or hop aboard the Delta Riverboat.

After getting settled in, start gearing up for Connect.

All the Action: What to Expect at Connect

During the three-day event, you’ll have the opportunity to see new faces, try new skills, and learn how to better develop your independent pharmacy.

You’ll attend classes, visit vendors, and build connections — and when you walk away, you’ll be more excited about the direction your pharmacy is heading. We guarantee it.

At Connect, you’ll be able to attend a number of different classes.

There are 3 main tracks to choose from: 1. PioneerRx Classes, 2. Business of Pharmacy Classes, and for QS/1 customers, 3. NRx Classes. Classes cover everything from clinical services to business best practices to optimizing your PioneerRx Pharmacy Software

Here are a few you won’t want to miss:

Defend Against DIR Fees with Benjamin Jolley

In this informational session with Benjamin Jolley, you’ll learn how PioneerRx can help you monitor DIR fees and better protect your bottom line. Benjamin shares real-life examples from his pharmacy and offers an action plan you can put into practice as soon as the conference ends.

Beyond the Basics: Transitions of Care as a Clinical Service with Rannon Ching

In this game-changing class, Tarrytown Pharmacy PIC Rannon Ching shows you how to refine your MTM program so that you can improve patient outcomes and ensure a smoother transition of care. Rannon shows you how to leverage technology to manage MTM with respect to workflow, data collection, and patient-facing interventions — and how to build strong patient-provider relationships in the process.

Bridging the Communication Gap with Your Local Medical Community with Amina Abubakar

Get tips and tricks about creating connections from the master of connection herself. In this class, the Avant Institute’s Amina Abubakar helps you learn how to communicate with other providers in your area. Amina shares her best tips to get into providers’ doors — opening up opportunities and generating extra income for you along the way.

PioneerRx Tips and Tricks with Will Tuft

If you’re looking to learn the latest with PioneerRx, join our Director of Education, Will Tuft, in this informational session. Will explains all of the new features and capabilities and shows you how to implement each new feature into your workflow.

For a full description of each of these classes and more, visit our conference page, Connect 2022.

“I’ve seen some unbelievable speakers [at Connect] and learned a ton of ways to innovate my pharmacy and keep our doors open as the chains work to close us. I’ve had a fire lit under me today, and I’m looking forward to everything else I will learn. Thanks for a great show!” — Alec Ginsberg, C.O. Bigelow

And if you can’t get enough of classes, you can attend two additional workshops while at Connect. They include:

NCPA Boot Camp

NCPA’s Innovation Center returns to Connect 2022 to show how to push past a traditional business model and expand your current services. “Beyond the Basics” is an Enhanced Services Boot Camp that teaches you how to plan, implement, and execute clinical services in your pharmacy. In this workshop, you’ll get real, actionable advice and answer to your most pressing questions.

Avant Institute Workshop

In this workshop, Amina Abubakar and her team at the Avant Institute focus on raising revenue and creating a sustainable future. Aptly named “The Art of Successful Implementation of Clinical Programs,” the workshop shows you how to stabilize your pharmacy’s foundation without relying on revenue from collaboration. It includes pre-recorded CPE — which you’ll complete as pre-work — and a live training session led by Amina Abubakar and Olivia Bentley.

Read more about each workshop on our Connect 2022 page.

After class, you’ll have the opportunity to wind down with a drink or two, catch up with colleagues, and explore all that Nashville has to offer.

Explore legendary music venues like the Grand Ole Opry and Country Music Hall of Fame, see historic sights like the Carter House, and dance the night away at Broadway Honky-Tonks. Whatever your interests, Nashville has something for you — just don’t forget those boots!

An Investment Worth Making

After attending Connect, you can feel confident that you’ll be bringing back a wealth of information. But what exactly will you be getting out of it? How about:

  • Action-oriented ideas to improve your business
  • A deeper understanding of clinical services and best practices
  • New insights into improving patient health outcomes
  • A better understanding of your PioneerRx Pharmacy Software System
  • New connections, which open up new opportunities
  • An unforgettable experience
“It’s inspiring to be challenged by other pharmacy owners, pharmacists, and technicians that are doing amazing things. [Connect] is a great way to collaborate and get new ideas. PioneerRx is super innovative and supportive. They really want to advance the pharmacy profession.” — Joseph Poling, Good Day Pharmacy

If you’re reading to take your pharmacy further, we look forward to seeing you this summer at Connect 2022. Register yourself (and your team) from within your PioneerRx software.

Select the bluebird icon near the Call Request button. From the Connect window, select “Register.”

Then, once you’re done, pack your bags and get ready to trade your winter blues for a summer event you don’t want to miss.

We’ll meet you in Music City!

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