A Message From The PioneerRx Team:

We are excited to share a new stride forward in our mission to Save + Revitalize independent pharmacy! In order to continue providing you with a powerful, reliable product that positions your pharmacy for success, PioneerRx has signed an agreement to join the RedSail Technologies™ team.

The proposed transaction is currently under a standard regulatory review. We will close the transaction following receipt of approval.

RedSail Technologies is a technology company that is extremely active in the healthcare space and is passionate about our mission to support independent pharmacy. We are eager to align ourselves with someone who can expand our reach and help us bring even more value to customers like you. With our combined network, we can quickly identify and adapt solutions to create a sustainable future for our pharmacies. RedSail Technologies CEO Kraig McEwen has over 20 years of healthcare technology experience and is passionate about PioneerRx’s future. PioneerRx’s current customer service model and innovative software system was a key driver in this decision, so it will continue to shape the way that PioneerRx serves our pharmacies.

Will anything change for me as a customer?

No – there will be no changes to your daily interactions with PioneerRx.

  • The PioneerRx software system will maintain the same familiar look and functionality both before and after the transaction, while continuing to add new features at the same rate.
  • Our support structure and employees will remain the same both before and after the transaction. Your pharmacy’s trusted support team will continue to assist you with no lapse in service.
  • Jeff Key will continue to lead the PioneerRx team as President both before and after the transaction.

This will not affect your daily experience using your PioneerRx software or interacting with our team. With the proposed backing by RedSail Technologies, PioneerRx will gain access to more resources to deliver the most clinically-advanced, feature-rich software on the market, all while maintaining exceptional customer support.

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