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Enhance Your Workflow

Surprise your customers with cutting edge technology and streamline your workflow with our suite of mobile apps and other add-on technology. Check out how PioneerRx is able to make your life easier with our fully-integrated applications.

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Image of RxLocal App icon


Image of RxLocal App icon

Modern Convenience

Elevating Your Patient Experience

The RxLocal App empowers you to build strong relationships with your patients without interrupting your workflow. With RxLocal, you can enhance your pharmacy’s services and provide your patients with the modern convenience of an all-in-one mobile app.

Illustration of desktop and mobile next to a conversation between a patient and pharmacist
Illustration of pill bottle
Refill Requests
Mobile refill requests are sent to your fill queue.
Illustration of alarm clock
Patients can set medication reminders for increased adherence.
Illustration of desktop with patient inside
Patient Portal
Patients can access personal and family health information
Illustration of text messages
Built-In Messenger
HIPAA-compliant, two-way messaging within workflow.
Drive-Thru App Icon

Drive-Thru App

Image of PioneerRx Drive-thru App icon
Illustration of car passing by the drive-thru of a pharmacy

sign & drive

Streamline Prescription Pick-Up

The Drive-Thru Mobile App makes it simple for your customers to sign for prescriptions from drive-thru or curbside. The signature storage is HIPAA-compliant, and you can even use the display to advertise your pharmacy’s services and promotions.

Pen writing a signature
Accept Signatures
Accept customer signatures on an iPad for drive-thru or curbside pickups.
Illustration of a sprocket
Integrated System
Customer’s signature syncs directly to your PioneerRx pharmacy system.
Illustration of a bullhorn
Display Advertisements
Display advertisements or remind customers to add OTC items.
Inventory App Icon


Inventory App Icon

smart device ready

Stock Your Shelves
with Ease

The PioneerRx Mobile Inventory App allows your staff to manage inventory in real-time right from their smart device. Everything logged into the app will sync wirelessly back into your PioneerRx pharmacy system.

Illustration of a man holding boxes
Illustration of a watch representing reminders
Direct Delivery
Inventory deliveries from wholesalers.
Illustration of a prescription next to a box of pills
Will Call Management
Check prescriptions into Will Call.
Illustration of a set of boxes stacked on top of each other
Manage Inventory
Organize and manage your existing inventory.
Illustration of pill images
Pill Images
Capture pill images to be used for verification.
Delivery App Icon

Delivery App

Image of PioneerRx Delivery app icon
Illustration of guy driving a motorcycle delivering a package

efficient & powerful

Delivery Services Made Simple

The Mobile Delivery app enables drivers to pre-plan the most efficient route, accept payments and signatures, and process information needed for controlled substances - all from a smartphone or tablet. Once back in the pharmacy, the transactions are automatically synced to your PioneerRx software system.

Illustration of delivery routes and location icons
Streamline Routes
Pre-plan and map out delivery routes.
Illustration of sprocket and system
Integrated System
Sync directly to your PioneerRx system.
Illustration of pen writing a signature
Accept customer signatures for delivery.
Illustration of pill bottle next to warning sign
Controlled Substances
Process required regulatory information (controlled substances).
Illustration of bar code
Supports mag stripe readers or barcode scanners.
Illustration of wallet and credit card
Collect and process payments.
Counseling App Icon

Counseling App

Counseling App Icon

smart device ready

Information at Your Fingertips

Independent pharmacists are always on the move, so they need to be ready to counsel patients at any location within the pharmacy. With the Patient Counseling App, you can view and edit patient profiles from a smart device and sync any updates back to your PioneerRx software system.

Illustration of pharmacist talking to a patient through phone
Illustration of patient next to pharmacy cross
Counsel patients at any location within the pharmacy.
Illustration of monitor with patient icon
Access Profiles
Access patient profiles and notes from an iPad or mobile device.

Cloud Fax

Image of PioneerRx Cloud Fax icon
Illustration of guy driving a motorcycle delivering a package


The Better Way
to Fax

Is your fax machine slow and unpredictable? Now, there’s an easier way. With the PioneerRx Cloud Fax capability, pharmacies can send and receive faxes digitally through the software - no fax line, fax modem, or fax machine necessary. All you need is internet access.

Illustration of pill bottle
More Reliable
Cloud Faxes process and show up in the software in real time - no more modem dialing or busy signals.
Illustration of desktop with patient inside
No Hardware
Reduce noise and distractions from a fax machine, and make hardware problems a thing of the past.
Illustration of desktop with patient inside
Completely Secure
HIPAA-compliant and HITRUST-certified; everything is stored securely within your PioneerRx software.
Illustration of a sprocket
Sleek & Efficient
Save counter space, eliminate paper waste, and save money on a fax machine and ancillary supplies.
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