PioneerRx’s first Pharmacy Spotlight is Bayboro Pharmacy in Bayboro, NC, which is accredited by the American Association of Diabetes Educators.

The Need for Diabetes Management

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) identified 644 counties in 15 states that held the highest concentration of diabetes cases.

Pamlico County, home of Bayboro Pharmacy, was one of the areas on the list.

Seeing the community’s obvious need for intensive diabetes education and lifestyle change encouragement, owner and PIC Lori Altman began implementing Diabetes Self-Management classes in April 2016.

Diabetes Courses

Lori’s efforts to get her community out of this “Diabetes Belt” have proven successful.

The pharmacy offers two types of targeted diabetes management courses—a free, monthly session that covers various topics AND a goal-oriented, 10-hour workshop.

During and after the workshops, Lori becomes a personal health coach for each of the attendees and helps them “take control of their diabetes, instead of their diabetes controlling them.”

Both class types have experienced a great local turnout, and the patients who attend have shown marked improvements. Lori often gets high-fives and happy smiles from patients who received great reports from doctor visits or experienced healthy weight loss.

As an added bonus, these unique $400 workshop opportunities are billable to Medicare Part B.


Lori’s enthusiasm and passion about the pharmacy’s programs are evident.

She even travels to local community gatherings where she is asked to speak on diabetes self-management. Not only is Bayboro Pharmacy a convenient location to fill prescriptions, but the entire Bayboro team is dedicated to bettering the overall health of their community as well as neighboring communities.

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