When we first met Chris Cornelison back in the summer of 2016, he was the owner of two pharmacies in northeast Mississippi. His nutritional supplement line, Solutions Rx™, was just over a year old and already experiencing great success.

A New Pharmacy

Earlier this month, Chris partnered with his longtime friend, Bob Lomenick, to open another pharmacy in New Albany, MS.

For Chris, this was a business decision that just made sense.

“We already talk six to eight times a week to brainstorm together,” Chris confesses with a laugh. “This allowed us to join our companies together and make them a little bit stronger.”

Chris admits to exercising caution with business partners in the past, but he felt reassured about joining Bob.

“When you go into business with somebody whose expertise supports yours, it can be a great partnership. We’ve really had a lot of fun with this!”

Superior Memory

Chris also launched a new Solutions Rx product called Superior Memory.

This supplement aids in memory loss and was released earlier this month, and Chris is ecstatic about the supplement’s potential. He plans on incorporating the practicality of Superior Memory and other nutrient depletion products into his Connect 2018 presentation.

Chris, in a word, is “pumped” for this year’s users’ conference.

“I’ve spoken at Connect before about drug nutrient depletion, but this year, I’m taking it to a whole new level,” he divulges. “We’re going to show you some low-hanging fruit to help you be more profitable in your pharmacy and the over-the-counter market with your PioneerRx system.”

Pharmacy Profit Ignitor

Chris truly enjoys stepping out of his pharmacy to dialogue with other community pharmacists.

Lately, he has traveled across the country to visit different pharmacies to conduct “on-sites” where he gets to share his knowledge with these stores, and he always leaves with new information.

“There are so many different ways they’re using PioneerRx in their stores,” he affirms, “and I’m personally blown away by everything I learn.”

Chris also offers a class through PDS called “Pharmacy Profit Ignitor.”

This two-day course promises to “increase your bottom line by $18,000 or more in the front end and much more on the back end of your store.”

Chris has taught the course for three-and-a-half years, and he finds each session to offer a different insight than the previous ones.

“The cool thing about this class is that the markets have changed drastically, but we’re taking the same strategies and looking into different markets,” he says.  


Chris is constantly launching new ideas and projects, and he is especially eager about his next endeavor.

Chris has already entered the beginning stages of Super Leader Enterprises, a company that seeks to immerse pharmacists in leadership culture. Chris hopes to share more details later this year as the company comes into fruition.

Although he seems to be constantly busy, Chris’ passion for his work never waivers.

Between starting new businesses, educating other pharmacies, and making time to be a high school baseball coach, he does everything with an infectious enthusiasm.

Anyone can become zealous about independent pharmacy after one conversation with Chris, so be sure to look for him this summer at Connect 2018.

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