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Mission Objective: Save + Revitalize Independent Pharmacy™


A Community of Leaders Joined by the Same Mission


Mission Objective:
Save + Revitalize Independent Pharmacy

PioneerRx is about more than pharmacy software, we have taken on the personal pursuit to Save + Revitalize our industry. But, its going to take a community of pharmacy leaders, regardless of the software they use. Below are pharmacy leaders who have chosen to support the Save + Revitalize movement and we are excited to introduce you to them.


Community Pharmacy Leaders

Brent Talley

Hayes Barton Pharmacy

For historic towns like Raleigh, NC, it’s easy to assume everything stays the same. Not so, according to Brent Talley, the newly minted owner of Hayes Barton Pharmacy located in the Historic Five Points of Raleigh. While the pharmacy has served the Five Points community 

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Josh Rimany

Dilworth Drug

Pharmacy, as an industry, is synonymous with drugs. The more a pharmacy dispenses, the better chances they have at success, right? Independent pharmacists are realizing this volume-based approach to business isn’t working anymore. Josh Rimany, a pharmacy owner …

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Nicolette Mathey

Palm Harbor Pharmacy

Ever since her first job at a pharmacy at the age of 16, Nicolette Mathey knew that was where she was meant to be. Despite what people may say about curiosity, Nicolette’s has led her on an odyssey through the pharmacy industry that continuously leads her to creative opportunities…

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Rannon Ching

Tarrytown Pharmacy

As these modern times bring about a dizzying amount of change, communities are anchored by landmarks that contain history and symbolism. For Austin, TX, Tarrytown Pharmacy holds over 75 years’ worth of memories while it paves the way to a healthier, more innovative future. Mark and Leslie Newberry…

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DeAnn Mullins

Former NCPA President

As she scrolls through her slides for an upcoming presentation in her office at Mullins Pharmacy, DeAnn Mullins pauses on one that features this quote. “This Darwin quote is so relevant to my message this year,” she says as she points to the screen. “It’s just so important for pharmacists to embrace change and be…

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Doug Hoey


B. Douglas Hoey, CEO of NCPA, was born for community pharmacy, or at least, he was born into it. His father opened a pharmacy the year Doug was born, and from the age of 12, Doug worked his way up from janitor to pharmacist. He worked various pharmacy positions in Oklahoma, Texas, and even a…

Morgan Miller

Alps Pharmacy

Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon ’em. Everyone knows the age-old adage about greatness and how it’s thrust upon some. For Morgan Miller, her “greatness” is the specialty program she built from the ground up at Alps Pharmacy in Springfield, Missouri…

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Hashim Zaibak

Hayat Pharmacy

One of my favorite memories as a pharmacist is when I was counseling a patient who was discharged from a hospital, and I was doing a medication therapy management with her, and I was telling her, “Okay, show me how you’ve been taking your Spiriva capsules.” She said, “Well, this is how I do it:…

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Tony Willoughby

Thrive Pharmacy Solutions

Independent pharmacy. Sure, you can go at it alone, but why? There’s a reason why we also call our industry community pharmacy. We have access to a whole network of knowledge that can be shared, so why not connect with other health care colleagues? We sat down with Tony Willoughby at Thrive…

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John Gregg

Thrive Pharmacy

Medication synchronization. By now, all pharmacists have heard of it and are urged to implement it in the name of healthier patients and higher star ratings. But med sync has far-reaching benefits for more than noncompliant patients; local physicians may also see your pharmacy as a lucrative and necessary…

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Michael Muñiz

Muñiz Rio Grande

Michael Muñiz, compounding pharmacist of Muñiz Rio Grande, is determined to stay in school for the rest of his life. “Never stop learning,” he concludes as our conversation ends. “Once you stop learning, you may as well stop being a pharmacist.” With adherence and compliance on the rise in pharmacy news…

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Sandra How

Triumph Pharmacy

“Anything you can do to make the customer feel special, that they’re being taken care of and looked at individually” is how Sandra How describes her pharmacy practice at Triumph Pharmacy, where the experience truly is cultivated around tailored health care. Sandra always knew she wanted a career centered…

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Barry Klein

Klein’s Pharmacy

Klein’s Pharmacy has been a staple to the Cuyahoga Falls community for fifty years, and it has served multiple generations of Ohioans. It’s definitely not your father’s pharmacy – but owner and pharmacist in charge Barry Klein is carrying out his father’s legacy through Klein’s Pharmacy. This October marks the 50th…

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Jason Briscoe

Discount Drug Mart’s Director of Pharmacy

When you think “community pharmacy,” a small, singular location situated in a small town probably comes to mind, right? Discount Drug Mart is one of these community pharmacies, except there are seventy-three locations serving the state of Ohio. Since 1969, one store has grown to a chain that Ohioans rely on…

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Jeff Bartone

Hock’s Pharmacy

says Jeff Bartone of Hock’s Pharmacy. As he works to keep his Ohio communities healthy and happy, Jeff continues to go above and beyond to establish his place at the table of pharmacy with his unique pharmacy services, active participation in legislation, and his constant eye on the future. History of Hock’s…

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Chris Cornelison

Saltillo Pharmacy | SolutionsRx

Low reimbursements is an age-old topic. We know we sound like a broken record, it’s an issue about which many pharmacists are vocalizing their concerns. We are inspired by pharmacists who proactively discover and implement practices that not only keep them in business but keep their patients healthy, too…

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Jason Foil


Upon walking into HomeRX, the first thing you won’t notice is the closed-door setting or the untraditional warehouse feel of the pharmacy. What catches the eye is owner and pharmacist Jason Foil’s fashion – a bright blue polo and khaki shorts. He laughs as he explains his work attire. “Why do people wear ties and…

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Mike Matovich

Stillwater Family Pharmacy

This is the core of Mike Matovich’s pharmacy practice located in Columbus, Montana. Stillwater Family Pharmacy is nestled inside Columbus IGA Plus, a local grocery store started by Mike’s grandfather in the 1960’s. An independent pharmacy practice inside a grocery store seems like it would be exempt…

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Tim White

Hayes Barton Pharmacy

Nestled in Raleigh, North Carolina, is a neighborhood frozen in time. Charming 1920’s bungalows and shops flank the streets, and standing as proudly as it first did in 1929 is Hayes Barton Pharmacy, a beacon of history for the Five Points community. An old-fashioned soda parlor bearing the same name leads…

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Kirk Heinz

Multiple Pharmacy Owner

November saw us in Washington state to meet Kirk Heinz, whose pharmacy career spans 30 years of success and three locations in Eatonville and Puyallup. We visited his Eatonville location to get a firsthand look at his dynamic pharmacy practices that impact the rural setting around him. In rainy Eatonville, Kirk’s…

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Amina Abubakar

Rx Clinic Pharmacy

From her global perspective to her pharmacy management strategies to her patient care services, it’s clear that Amina Abubakar’s mindset is centered around people. Hailing from Kenya, her passion for pharmacy was birthed out of a simple desire to help people around her. Amina left her home and came to the…

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Joe Moose

3nd Generation owner of Moose Pharmacy

A great pharmacist can be mindful of the future, but Joe Moose’s perspective has the added benefit of a generational legacy of pharmacy experience. Moose Pharmacy began in 1882 by Joe’s great-grandfather, A.W. Moose, in Mount Pleasant, a town of limited medical resources. Moose Pharmacy spans four…

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Scott Pace

Kavanaugh Pharmacy

As a pharmacist, every frustration you encounter is shadowed by the satisfaction your work brings you. But what if that frustration can’t be solved with better technology or more innovation? What if it’s a matter of bureaucracy, and rather than being influenced by pharmacists, pharmacists are being pushed and…

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Bob Lomenick

Tyson Drug Co.

You make your way down the eastern side of the square, and at the corner, Tyson Drug stands as proudly as it first did 120 years ago. After passing underneath the stained glass “Tyson Drug” sign, you push open the door and, thank goodness, the air conditioning immediately draws you in. As you take in…

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Leah Snyder


Enter Grant Family Pharmacy, and you will be greeted by one of the many friendly employees who work there. At a drive-thru window masked with condensation, courtesy of Louisiana’s trademark humidity, Leah Snyder says goodbye to the patient at the window and asks you how you are…

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