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Featured Feature: Robot Automation

Caitlin Sattler - October 31, 2018 - 0 comments

PioneerRx understands the need for capable pharmacy technology in your workflow. That is why we integrate with the most sought-after third-party vendors in the industry. Pill counters, dispensing robots, and compliance packaging systems are all easily paired with PioneerRx’s software to enhance your pharmacy’s day-to-day practices.  

Kevin Duane, owner and PIC of Panama Pharmacy in Jacksonville, FL, relies on three robots in his workflow. The two Eyecon pill counters and the Parata Max are “game-changers,” according to Kevin. “We use automation to cut down on the amount of time it takes us to fill scripts so we can spend more time on patient-facing needs like med sync, MTMs, and immunizations.” With the Eyecon integration, a simple scan of the script number automatically inputs patient information, the billed NDC, and the quantity. The Eyecon automatically captures a photo of the amount dispensed and stores it within PioneerRx, which helps the Panama Pharmacy staff maintain their accuracy. Robots like the Parata Max reduce time spent filling scripts by auto-processing and dispensing medications that patients call in. Overall, robot integrations reduce the workload for PioneerRx pharmacies so they can devote more time to what matters most: their patients.

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