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PioneerRx Announces Support Teams

Caitlin Sattler - July 20, 2018 - 0 comments

Just like pharmacy staff members, PioneerRx employees thrive as a team. Account Managers, Hardware, and Accounting Support all work together to provide answers and solutions. From the beginning of a pharmacy’s journey with PioneerRx, we pair them with an Account Manager who guides them through software training and any troubleshooting along the way.

We are excited to announce our continuation of this purpose with Support Teams, which are the first of many initiatives that will embrace the concept of tactical pharmacy — powerful tools and strategies that are tailored to fit each individual pharmacy’s needs and long-term goals. Every PioneerRx pharmacy will be linked with its own Support Team, comprised of an Account Manager, a member of Hardware Support, and an Accounting Support team member to encompass all areas of Support for our users.

Gina Groves, an Account Manager with PioneerRx’s Support, reflects on how independent pharmacy has inspired us to pursue a more individualized interactions that increase user satisfaction:

If you look at independent pharmacy owners and pharmacists, what makes them successful? It’s the personalized experience with patients who know and trust them. In Support, we really try to do the same thing with our customers. We want to build a rapport with them. We want them to have confidence in us and rely on us.

Ryan Zeidan, a Hardware Support lead, is excited for the potential that Support Teams present. “By being able to offer our customers a designated Support Team, they will build a relationship with a group of people they trust,” Ryan says. “They don’t have to worry about miscommunicated information or repeating themselves to multiple Support members.”

In addition to the many benefits to our customers, Support Teams will bolster PioneerRx Support’s internal education. Sarah Lakey, an Accounting Support lead who focuses on Central Office locations, anticipates a growth in knowledge and relationships amongst pharmacies and employees. “Users have requested from time to time to have a dedicated person in Accounting Support to work with, and I am glad that is now an option they can exercise, if they choose to!” she relates. “My hope is that these smaller, dynamic teams will be able to engage with one another so that we all expand one another’s awareness of areas we aren’t as familiar with.”

Through PioneerRx Support Teams, we expect greater efficiency, stronger connections, and more tactical solutions for our pharmacies.


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