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Featured Feature: Pricing

Caitlin Sattler - July 5, 2018 - 0 comments

Of all the matters a pharmacist constantly worries about, pricing should never be one of them. Pharmacies that employ the PioneerRx pharmacy software have the ability to manage Pricing Schedules, which are structures that determine how much the patient will pay for the drug. Pricing Rules are set to determine what category — patient, third party, facility, etc. — the pricing applies to. Other features like Competitive Pricing allow you to see how the larger pharmacy chains are pricing their discounted drug programs so independent pharmacists can stay competitive.

Chris Cornelison of Iuka Drug and Saltillo Pharmacy & Solutions relies on the Pricing features in his pharmacy system to manage drug prices at his multiple locations, including his newest store, New Albany Pharmacy & Solutions. Chris handles a lot of high-volume generics that usually do not generate a high profit margin. “I call these ‘loss leaders,’” Chris explains. “You won’t make much money with these, so you can’t price every drug like you would a loss leader. You need to adjust these prices, which is made possible by the Pricing features in PioneerRx.” PioneerRx pharmacists are tackling all their Pricing needs with the help of their pharmacy technology.


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