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Featured Feature: RxLocal Website and Mobile Application

Caitlin Sattler - June 27, 2018 - 0 comments

Thanks to PioneerRx’s pharmacy technology, patients have virtual access to their pharmacy’s services through a customized and branded RxLocal mobile application that is free for Apple and Android devices. Once logged into the pharmacy’s RxLocal app, patients may submit refill requests, view their profiles and insurance information, and create medication reminders to help with adherence. RxLocal is also available as a custom website that digitizes the pharmacy’s refill services.

As the Pharmacy Specialist of Southwest CARE Center Pharmacy, Matt Meadows’s duties include managing patient compliance records for accreditation, inventory reporting, and being the point of contact for tech troubleshooting. Matt encourages his patients to use the mobile app for their convenience. “Our patients are using it to refill their medications instead of calling the pharmacy and speaking to someone on our staff,” he says. “They can just sign in to the app, put in their order, and pick it up when they have their estimated completion time.” Matt has also noticed a positive effect on the pharmacy’s workflow since incorporating the app with their services. “Refill requests automatically go into the PioneerRx workflow and straight into our dispensing queue. That way, our staff doesn’t have to manually enter those refill requests from step one,” he explains. More pharmacists like Matt are discovering the benefits of expanding their pharmacy services to include mobile applications for the 21st century patient.

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