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2017: The Year of No Excuses

Marsha Bivins - December 29, 2016 - 0 comments

In an industry like pharmacy, you are bombarded with demands for change. With each conference you attend or magazine you open, someone is calling for their fellow pharmacists to “make a change in their practice” or “innovate their pharmacy,” or our personal favorite, “become a level 10 pharmacist.”

You’ll walk away feeling pumped and inspired to start improving your pharmacy, but as soon as you walk in the door on Monday morning, you get overwhelmed with all the changes you need to make. You lose all motivation, and today, your pharmacy looks exactly how it did a year ago, maybe even ten years ago.

Enough is enough. We’re calling 2017 The Year of No Excuses. (Technically, it’s the Year of the Rooster, according to the Chinese Zodiac, but we think all poultry would agree that it’s time to set some goals.)

To help you avoid the mistakes of years past, we’re giving you ideas for various-sized goals, ranging from a simple task you can accomplish in a day (hello, instant gratification) to a year-long project that can make you a more profitable pharmacy. There are no excuses since these timely goals are more attainable than that weight loss resolution everyone makes and breaks.

One Day: What’s Slowing You Down?

Take some time out of a slower day to review your workflow. See if any of your processes (med sync, MAR, reconciliation, etc.), are slowing down your pharmacy. Then, contact your pharmacy software’s support for tips to understand that process better. Make sure you use your software to its utmost potential so you can maximize efficiency. Once you have conquered your workflow, it’s time to tackle some larger goals.

One Week: Learn to Lead

Delegate the various jobs around your pharmacy. With PioneerRx, you can use the Task List feature to manage to-do lists for every role so that every employee knows their daily expectations. This frees up management to do other things such as work on other projects in the pharmacy, or even take that vacation you keep postponing…

One Quarter: Get In Sync

Every pharmacist should implement medication synchronization in their pharmacy before 2018. It’s an absolute must for staying relevant in health care. Your pharmacy software system should be your best tool for identifying and managing your patients who could benefit the most from a sync program. Make a goal to have 30% of your patients enrolled in your med sync program within the quarter.

One Year: Implement a New Practice

What’s going to make your pharmacy stand out from all the others on your street in 2017? Try offering a new service in your pharmacy. Listen to what your patients want. Is it adherence packaging? Could you be the first pharmacy in your area to offer veterinary compounding or pharmacogenetic testing? Use this year to adopt a new process in your pharmacy that could lead to more business and more loyal patients trusting your pharmacy.

This year, make a commitment to your pharmacy resolutions that you’ll actually keep, unlike that gym membership you keep neglecting. With the right tools, staff, and motivation, you can make 2017 the first of many successful years in your pharmacy.