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At PioneerRx, our mission to Save + Revitalize Independent Pharmacy starts with the people who use our software each day. Yes, we are a pharmacy software company. But more importantly – we are advocates for independent pharmacy. By aligning ourselves with a network of innovative partners who share our passion and our goals, together we are building a sustainable future for community pharmacies everywhere. We couldn’t do it without them.

PioneerRx is The Clear Choice

Our proven commitment to innovation does not, however, stop at the doors of your pharmacy. For independent pharmacies looking for that extra edge with a little bit of flash, the PioneerRx Mobile Delivery App for iOS delivers, literally. From gas efficient mapping and route planning, to capturing credit card payments, patient IDs, or signatures on the go, the PioneerRx Mobile Delivery App for iOS makes completing mobile transactions easier than ever. Ever thought, “There must be an app for that?” Check out how PioneerRx is able to make your life easier with our pharmacy software integrated apps.

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PioneerRx – Mobile Delivery

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Want to give your independent pharmacy an edge over the competition?

PioneerRx Mobile Delivery for your iPhone gives drivers the ability to plan their route, process credit cards, and collect all the required data for controlled substances all in the field! This makes deliveries easier than ever. Optimized Route Planning and Guidance: Plan your deliveries with built-in automated app guidance. With turn-by-turn navigation, your iPhone will help you find the best route possible. Controlled Substance Compliance: Our app will prompt the driver when needing state mandated information about the patient. Capture using the optional magnetic card reader to store the patient’s id directly back to the pharmacy system. Processing Payment in the Field: With PioneerRx Mobile Delivery, capturing payment is a snap. We allow you to accept all form of payment, including cash, check, credit card, and A/R. Credit cards can be manually typed or swiped by using the optional magnetic card reader. Paperless Transactions: With patients signing directly on the iPhone, your deliveries will become paperless. Customers will sign for their prescriptions and other HIPAA/auditing requirements directly on the device and sync wirelessly once the driver is back in the store. If ever audited, signature is stored directly with the patient and the transaction.

PioneerRx – Drive-Thru

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Surprise your customers with cutting edge technology as they pick up prescriptions at your drive-thru.

Never again worry about sticking your signature pad out the window, or worse, saving a paper signature that you have to scan back into the pharmacy system. With PioneerRx’s Mobile Drive-Thru app, you can collect signatures directly onto your iPad. While major chains still use paper signatures, you can impress your customers with the latest in pharmacy technology. Also, worry less with better audit protection by syncing the electronic signatures wirelessly with the PioneerRx Pharmacy System. This application helps your pharmacy: Collect Electronic Signatures: Capture and store signatures electronically to your iPad. This negates any need for paper signatures at the drive-thru window. Advertise: Ads can also be displayed on the app to promote your pharmacy’s business or third party products and services. Audit Protection/Signature Terms: Customers can sign on the iPad for HIPAA and other auditing requirements, just as if they were signing in store on a full signature pad. Because all your signatures are on file, you will never question your pharmacy’s status during an audit. Display Virtual Receipts: This app will show the patient a virtual receipt of the transaction taking place directly on the iPad. With this feature, they can easily confirm the items received.

PioneerRx – Mobile Inventory

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PioneerRx’s Mobile Inventory Application provides your pharmacy with the technological advantage of managing your on hand inventory from you smartphone.

Gone are the days of tracking your inventory with pen, paper and clipboard. With the Inventory Application, you can now electronically record and transmit your on hand balance to the PioneerRx Pharmacy System using any Apple iOS device. Our application helps you: Manage Inventory: Count and manage your store electronically from your iOS device and sync wirelessly back to the pharmacy system. Create and Maintain Inventory Bins: Divide your inventory into manageable bins/sections to help you divide and conquer. Check Items into your Will Call Bins: Add ready prescriptions into their appropriate Will Call Bin from any iOS device. Manage Shelf Sticker Labels: Print and update Shelf Stickers as needed for missing or damaged stickers in your pharmacy. Receive and Audit Incoming Shipments: Use the application to check in and finalize wholesaler shipments upon delivery. Once checked in, the items are ready to hit the shelves. Pill Images: Have missing pill images? With the inventory application you can take your own custom pill images to show throughout the pharmacy system.

PioneerRx – Patient Counseling

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With PioneerRx’s Counseling Application, the pharmacist can streamline the counseling process from their iPad.

This application is ideal for the busy pharmacist because it shows them patient medication history, drug information, Pharmex warnings, and so much more. Never again struggle without a full workstation available in your counseling area. With Mobile Counseling, pharmacists can see: Quick Access to Patient Information: Right on the iPad, you can see everything from what the patient is picking up to their full profile, including drug warnings. You can also add customer alerts during the fill to pop up during the counseling session. Patient Notes: Don’t worry about having to remember what you talked about and going back in the pharmacy system to update. With our counseling application, pharmacists can record notes directly on the iPad and sync seamlessly back to the patient’s profile. Patient Report Card: Pharmacists are now given access to their patient’s report card directly in the counseling app. Watch as your patient’s adherence numbers rise, in turn raising your pharmacy’s CMS five-star rating.

PioneerRx – RxLocal Mobile

Mobile App
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Creating an account with RxLocal is easy and secure.

Your customers can add all of their family members for quick access to their prescriptions, too! HIPAA Compliant Integrated Messenger: Keep your workflow uninterrupted and phone lines clear with the first HIPAA compliant messenger directly integrated into your PioneerRx Software. Patients can use both iPhone and Android devices to communicate with their pharmacy. SMS Direct Notifications: Rx Ready | Delivery | Shipping: Notify your patients directly to their phone via SMS messaging. Pharmacies who currently use RxLocal can activate this feature in their PioneerRx Software System. Message rates and carrier charges do apply. Order Refills Directly from an iPhone or Android Smartphone: Customers can download the RxLocal application directly from the Apple or Android App Store. Pharmacy Profile: Customers can easily and securely view their drug history, prescriber information, insurance and allergies. This makes it even easier for patients when reviewing medications with their prescriber. Mobile Medication Reminders: Customers can set up prescription reminders directly from their mobile devices, encouraging a more structured medication regimen while also boosting your pharmacy’s adherence rating. Manage Refills: Customers and their family members can be linked to a single account, which makes it even easier to refill for one or all members of the family with one simple login.

PioneerRx Reconciliation Services

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PioneerRx’s Full Reconciliation Service is an all-inclusive and fully-integrated reconciliation service that automates data-entry and returns peace of mind to participating pharmacies.  

We start by taking over the 835 file imports, reconciliation requirements, and system maintenance necessary to let you track your prescriptions for their entire lifecycle – fill to bill to payment. From there, our team of dedicated reconciliation experts will cater your service to match your business growth and mitigate your risk of data loss. Finally, store training and personal consultations are available at request to ensure long term financial health and success. Reach out via the Accounting Support Request feature in your PioneerRx Pharmacy Software to learn more today. Not installed yet? No problem! Talk to your installation coordinator at 800-850-5111.

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