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Pursuing Wellness with PioneerRx

Looking for Stress Relief During this Crazy Time?

Join Our Wellness Journey

Since your gyms are closed, we want to welcome you into ours!

We have made some changes in order to practice social distancing and still able to safely continue our weekly classes. Participants are split into multiple groups to ensure that during each class there is at least 6 ft of distance between each mat. Or, participants also have the option to stay in their own office and watch the class live from their computers while following along. Explore the options below to join us from your own home!

New Classes Every Tuesday and Thursday

Gyms are Closed but PioneerRx Yoga is Open

Lunchtime Power Yoga is our go-to class to add a burst of energy to our day. A regular yoga practice can help improve your focus, boost creativity, and help manage stressful situations more effectively. Yoga invites us to be more present, which is known to ease stress, promote mental strength, and restore inner calm. Practice with us every Tuesday and Thursday at 12 P.M. central time, or take the classes below on your own time.

Join a Live Yoga Session

Every Tuesday and Thursday at Noon

Recent Classes


Power Yoga 8


Power Yoga 7


Power Yoga 6

Your Instructor

Introducing Nataly

Nataly is a Graphic Designer and Travel Coordinator who has been with PioneerRx since 2017. Outside of office hours, yoga has been a part of her life for 5 years now, and she recently received her 200-hour teaching certification at a yoga studio in Dallas. Nataly saw an opportunity to fuse those two passions together, and now teaches lunchtime power yoga to her fellow coworkers. Nataly believes a steady yoga and meditation practice can shift the way in which we greet the world.

“Yoga has transformed different parts of my life in very concrete ways. I knew I wanted to share that with others.”

Yoga Music

Playlist to Lift Your Spirit

Flow like Water

Ground Down like Earth

Soften like Air

Fuel your Inner Fire