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Rxight™ Pharmacogenetics Program

Rxight™, the only direct-to-pharmacist pharmacogenetic program, provides guidance for over 200 medications.  Rxight is integrated with PioneerRx pharmacy systems.

Rxight™ is the Gold Standard Rxight™

Rxight™ is fast becoming the gold-standard pharmacogenetics program as evidenced by its private invitation to present to the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.

Rxight™ is Pharmacist-Centric Rxight™

Rxight™ places the pharmacist at the center of pharmacogenetics; patients purchase and order the test from the pharmacist and results go directly to the pharmacist, not to the patient. Patients must have a Personalized Medication Review (PMR)® with a pharmacist trained in PGx and certified to perform a PMR®, before they get access to their results. And the pharmacist engages the prescribing physician with guidance concerning any Gene-Drug Interactions that may impact medication therapy following the same protocol used for Drug-Drug Interactions.

Rxight™ Provides Comprehensive Support

Rxight™ provides you with what you need to successfully implement pharmacogenetics into your practice. Rxight™ provides you and your staff with free online training in PGx. Rxight™ provides pharmacists with live Certification in performing a Personalized Medication Review (PMR)® with patients. Rxight™ also provides you with marketing materials to reach, educate and inform your community and physicians.

Rxight™ is Integrating with PioneerRx

PioneerRx is integrating the Rxight™ PGx outcomes into their pharmacy system. It is anticipated for the integration to be complete by late summer or early fall 2016.

Visit us at to learn more or call us at 1-888-888-1932 to speak with a representative about bringing the promise of pharmacogenetics into your practice.


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MD Labs was founded in 2011 with the goal to specialize in prescription monitoring toxicology, serving physicians across the United States. Our founders started the company with the goal of creating a more provider-friendly testing service that prides itself on delivering prompt, accurate, reliable and easy to understand results. Employing state of the art technology and testing for a wide array of analytes, our team of PhDs and clinical technologists is able to keep ahead of the needs of our community. The Rxight pharmacogenetic test was developed and is performed by MD Labs.

Rxight was developed specifically to help providers better understand individual patient’s responses to medications: providing the right medication at the right dose, the first time. The benefits are quicker desired medication outcomes, reduction in use and cost of ineffective medications, and reduction in adverse drug reactions. Rxight is the most comprehensive pharmacogenetic test and the only direct-to-pharmacist pharmacogenetic program on the market.

In April 2016, the Rxight team was invited to the White House to present our program to the Office of Science and Technology Policy in recognition of our role in President Obama’s Precision Medicine initiative.

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