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Mission Objective: Save + Revitalize Independent Pharmacy™
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P4 Technologies

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Harness the power of the cloud to Optimize Your Inventory, Increase Customer Service, Reduce Operating Costs, Free-Up Cash, and Maximize Profit.


P4 Technologies

The P4 solution is a sophisticated, cloud-based software platform that uses scientific forecasting and replenishment tools to better manage a pharmacy’s inventory.

Maximize Profits

With accurate forecasts and a statistical replenishment model, you will have the right quantities of inventory at the right time.

  • Free up cash
  • Increase your inventory turnover rate
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Significantly reduce slow moving items

Maximize ROI

  • Overstock returns
    • Recommends returns for items if it is more cost effective to return that item than wait for it to sell down.
  • Pricing optimization
    • Recommends the most cost effective bottle size to order that minimizes the total cost of carrying a given drug.
  • Overstock transfers
    • Move inventory within your own network of stores instead of buying unneeded inventory from wholesalers.
  • Fewer “Owes”
    • Increased revenues by having fewer out of stocks.
  • Manage Cash Flow
    • Projected inventory levels help you manage you cash flow because they give you insight on what items will be more beneficial to invest in for the future.

Increase Service Level

  • You set target service level goals and P4’s sophisticated algorithms give you the tools to meet those goals
  • Forecasts trends and seasonality of product demand
  • Forecasts day of week and day of month sales patterns

Workload Efficiency

  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Technology is easy to implement and maintain
  • Point and click user interface
  • Daily ordering process can be totally automated

Accurate Forecasting

Demand patterns in a pharmacy vary by day of week and day of month. Some drugs have seasonal patterns and others don’t. Demand for certain drugs is growing while demand for others is shrinking. As you know, many drugs are very costly. Doesn’t it make sense to forecast all of these demand patterns to not only save money, but provide your patients with the best possible service and care? P4 makes all of this easy for you.

Powerful Replenishment

P4Rx is a total purchasing system, optimizing your inventory to maximize profits.  With unique features such as our patient specific forecasting, SMART COUNT Cycle Count and the ability to manage the front-end merchandise; our inventory solutions are second to none.



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Forecasting and replenishment science and technologies have advanced substantially over the past few years. Data has become more available and less expensive to store and transmit. Computing power, especially utilizing the cloud, has become far more cost effective and scalable. User interfaces have become much more intuitive, powerful, and easy to use.

P4’s solutions take full advantage of all these advances. Our forecasting algorithms use all of all your customer transactions, not just summarized demand. Our forecasting models understand many demand patterns that other systems simply assume are random. By quantifying these patterns rather than chalking them up as randomness, we are able to predict future demand patterns with much more certainty and accuracy than other systems. In a forecasting system, the more demand patterns that you can model rather than assume are randomness, the better the forecast. This increased accuracy translates into improved service levels to your customers at a much lower cost than you’ll achieve using any other solution.

Since our solutions run on the cloud, you can leave all of the technical difficulties to us. We’ll worry about backups, security, obsolescence and all of the other technology costs.

Your users just need a browser. Your users will love the power and intuitiveness of their new user interface. They will be amazed at how productive and efficient they are. More importantly, once live on the P4 solution, you will be amazed at how your entire company is operating much more efficiently and profitably.

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