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Mission Objective: Save + Revitalize Independent Pharmacy™
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provides innovative solutions to optimize and manage pharmacy inventory levels and drive purchasing compliance.

OI Replenish

OI Replenish interfaces with a pharmacy’s practice management system to help optimize the pharmacy’s prescription drug inventory. This is accomplished by capturing and processing prescription sales and drug inventory information and then providing recommended inventory order points and quantities, every night.  The nightly processing uses OrderInsite’s proprietary forecasting algorithms and programs to analysis the captured information taking into account additional factors such as drug supplier order lead time and available product package sizes. The results of the nightly process provide drug specific recommended inventory order points and quantities that can be automatically applied to the pharmacy’s practice management system.

OI Count

OI Count is a drug inventory cycle count application that continually analysis a pharmacy’s prescription sales and drug inventory information to determine the portion of drug inventory that is to be counted or physically checked on a continuous schedule. The analysis takes into consideration client specific criteria as to the number of drug product that can be counted at a definite, preset frequency to ensure counting of each drug product at least once a period (usually a year). Generally, fast-moving or more expensive items are counted more often than slower moving or less expensive ones, and certain items are counted more often.

OI Comply

OI Comply is an audit tool used identify possible drug diversion by highlighting variances between actual drug inventory on-hand quantities and calculated quantities based on prescription sales, manual adjustments, and purchases. When variance thresholds are exceeded automatic alerts are triggered so that the cause of the variance can be researched. The OI Comply user interface provides the data to help quickly determine whether additional action or investigation is required.

OI Exchange

OI Exchange is an application that continually analysis a group of pharmacy’s prescription sales and drug inventory information to recommend the distribution of excess slow moving drug inventory from one pharmacy to another pharmacy that is forecasted to have an immanent need for the product. In addition to the systematic determination of recommended transfers, the application also provides a view to the entire groups inventory so staff at a pharmacy can systematic make a request to another pharmacy to order to meet an immediate need. The OI Exchange applicate interfaces to national shipment couriers, which automatically schedules package pickup and tracks the package through delivery.

OI Analysis

OI Analysis is a cloud data analytics reporting tool that exposes all of the data used in OrderInsite’s suite of products. The application provides users with the ability to; a) search for drug inventory items in a group of pharmacies that share common ownership; b) generate reports of drug inventory that is overstock and/or that may be able to be returned to the supplier; and c) pivots tables of inventory and prescription data.

OI Track and Trace

OI Track and Trace is a central repository of drug pedigree information that supports retail pharmacies compliance with the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA). The DSCSA requires dispensers to receive and archive any change of a prescription drugs ownership including all prior transaction information going back to the manufacturer as well as a statement attesting to the legitimacy of the product. OI Track and Trace is a cloud-based technology solution that allows our customers to capture the Transaction Information, Transaction History, and Transaction Statement from their supplier’s electronic data interchange (EDI) purchasing process or from scanned paper copies of the suppliers packing slips and invoices. Keeping the T3 information in a central location improves compliance and streamlines the reporting process in the event of an inquiry.

OI Buy

OI Buy is a purchasing compliance application that automates existing manual activities by applying business rules at time of purchase. The business rules are tailored to fit the customer’s business model and can be used to enforce corporate warehouse purchasing as well as to improve wholesaler/supplier purchasing commitments.


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OrderInsite™ was founded to level the playing field on drug pricing for community, specialty and hospital pharmacy. Our solutions enable more sophisticated inventory management and superior market insights, to help our customers maximize profits and provide excellent customer service.

Over 84% of drugs prescribed today are generic. The industry projects this number will increase. Factors that impact the pricing and availability of generic drugs can have significant impacts on profitability and customer satisfaction for pharmacies. Our solutions help to manage these factors that affect the supply and pricing of generic drugs.

OrderInsite™ provides our customers integrated solutions with their existing practice management systems, head office communication and management systems, and ordering and inventory systems. Automatic bi-directional data feeds between your systems and our cloud based systems allow us to provide our solutions to you through the power and convenience of the Web. Our solutions are designed to work as a single solution or you may use them collectively to provide the optimal solution for your requirements.

Our algorithms employ sophisticated predictive analytics utilizing historical demand patterns, real-time pricing and predicted availability to deliver precise quantities to optimize inventory levels that maximize profits and improve customer satisfaction. Our solutions provide workflow tools and advanced reporting to help our customers significantly improve processes for overall inventory management.

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