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Mission Objective: Save + Revitalize Independent Pharmacy™
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KloudScript, Inc


KloudScript started with a radically simple idea: patients should receive specialty pharmacy care in their community with the pharmacy they trust. KloudScript believes that access to local, face-to-face healthcare leads to better patient health. KloudScript brings together the entire specialty pharmacy ecosystem of prescribers, payors, pharmaceutical manufacturers, pharmacies, and care givers to create a single pharmacy home for patients. By uniting with KloudScript, independent pharmacy partners can successfully enter into the $150 billion specialty market, which is crucial to their growth and the comprehensive care of their valued customers.


KloudScript, Inc

The KloudScript Specialty Performance Alliance (KSPA) is a program offered to community pharmacies located in a geographic market that are willing to participate in an alliance that shares cost and resources required to operate a specialty at retail program.

KSPA is the preferred model which will allow independent pharmacies to participate in a retail specialty program at the most efficient and feasible cost structure. The KloudScript Specialty Performance Alliance brings like-minded community pharmacies together to provide specialty medications to patients locally in its marketed geographic area.

In order to compete with mail order specialty pharmacies, community pharmacies must have all the capabilities that their competitors have. KloudScript offers a turn-key solution for all capabilities required to offer a specialty at retail program. Some of the Key Capabilities include: Sales Strategy and Sales Force, KloudScript Specialty Hub Services, KETU™ – Patient Care Management Platform fully equipped with a PioneerRx Interface, One Pharmacy Home™ Clinical Materials, KloudScript University™, Full Portfolio of Accredited Specialty Programs, Accreditation and Industry Relations.

The community pharmacy owners face many challenges and barriers to entry when it comes to starting a specialty program. Buying a specialty pharmacy or building one from grounds up is a very high risk, time consuming, and capital intense process which most community pharmacies cannot even consider, given the pricing pressures in today’s market. KloudScript understands these dynamics and the need to offer the most capital and effort efficient pathway to specialty at retail. The KloudScript Specialty Performance Alliance allows like-minded pharmacies to share the resources and the risk required to enable a specialty at retail service model.

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There are thousands of community pharmacies in the United States that continually lose their share of the specialty prescription market due to their inability to satisfy the requirements of stakeholders such as payors, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and patients who require assistance in attaining pharmacy prescription coverage, financial assistance and clinical support.loudScript’s business model is founded on the principal of KloudScript operating as the network orchestrator that is responsible for maintaining a common standard of practice, allowing all participants in the network to benefit from greater value and representation to the decision makers as a significant entity with enough market share to access Limited Distribution Drugs (LDD), participate in pharma programs, and eventually payor and purchasing contracts.

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